Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spotted: Thrifted Gold!

I love thrift stores. You can always find, if you look hard enough, some amazing, one of a kind vintage pieces...and they're so cheap!  
I went to Goodwill and began my search through the racks of clothes covering the store. I was by the jackets and blazers when something caught my eye, something shiny.  I stuck my hand in the rack and pulled out this fabulous metallic draped blazer, from what looks like the 80's; It was love at first site. <3
Of course, being from a thrift store there are no other sizes available and this was a large. I tried it on and it looked great; When things are too big, especially a blazer like this that's not structured, there are a few option to making it work.
I can belt it at the hips with a studded skinny belt-which is a great trend this season- and put on a great pair of heels for a night out with my girls.  I could also pair it with some leggings and a cute top for a casual chic look. If you really wanted to, you could rock it out at the office with a fitted black skirt and flowy top with cute pumps; I would say, unless you work at Vogue, or another amazing magazine, stay away from wearing this at's too much fab in one outfit ;-)

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