Friday, May 20, 2011

MC Fashion Closet- After Hours

I was reading Sergio Say's on The Daily Front Row's "Chic Report" and I stumbled upon this photo from a late night at Marie Claire. Sergio Kletnoy (Joanna Coles assistant- and if you don't know who Joanna Coles is then I'm her...) and a very hyper Taylor Tomasi-Hill were playing around in the closet and started to have their very own photo shoot. They invited us to play along and I gladly obliged. If you are wondering were I am, I am the wide-eyed girl on the far left. I was suppose to be scared but I look as though I saw a ghost! If you haven't already, go read Sergio's blog! He's incredible and absolutely hilarious. Love him...and Taylor..and Ashley, MC's fashion assistant, the one holding the whip in the background.