Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Believe. Feel. Write. Love.

    Ever stop to notice how much feelings are apart of our lives, how much they affect who we are and what we do? Have you ever really took the time to think how freakishly powerful they are, even when those feelings aren't your own. It's so complicated, yet so simple and when you look past all the nonsense that society has created, our feelings are hiding waiting to be freed. 
   As a writer I am constantly bombarded by feelings that are aside from myself and sometimes they are so potent that no matter how hard I try to shove them in the corner they always find their way back. I've learned that it's impossible to get rid of feelings without dealing with them. You must accept them, release them, move on, and grow from the experience.
     If I couldn't write in my journal and release my feelings I don't know what I would do. The deepest, most moving and influential articles/entries I've written are those that I wrote in times of misery, when I was going through deep emotional pain and sadness. Times when I felt hurt and alone, unappreciated and abandoned. It's in those times when not only are my thoughts racing though my head but they are itching to get out. Once my pen hits the paper, there's no turning back. My feelings take over and my thoughts flow through my fingertips, right onto the paper.  Its as if another, completely different, person is taking over. My mind floats away and my heart opens, pouring every ounce of emotion out onto paper. It's an amazing experience, indescribable. It's surreal and quite bazaar to be honest. When my heart is done and all the content is emptied onto paper, the pain and lonliness are gone and your left with an aura of complete contentment and relief. There a sense of relief that surrounds you and it's an irreplaceable, addicting, feeling-- It's as if you just went through a 2 hour therapy session, except your emptying your thought-and rebooting your heart-instead of your wallet.
     I never read what I wrote when I've finished writing something (unless it's for a class, or something important) and I'm not exactly sure why. When I write, I'm releasing thoughts and letting go of certain feelings that I've collected. If I went back and read those thoughts over, I'm just revisiting past pains and reminding myself of those feelings that are now gone. Of course I eventually go back a read them but when I do, sometimes I'm shocked and impressed by how deep and humbling it is. Those feelings are just as powerful reading about them than when they were itching to get out. It's that other person that comes out, the true writer inside of me that compses such beautiful work, who truly knows how to capture the beauty of my inner most deepest feelings and emotions. 
   Never do anything without feeling, theres no point. Your feelings guide you through life, your intuition .  Without it you'll never accomplish anything to your highest potential. If you're not following your feelings, then whose are you following? Think about it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Closet Diaries

Summer Lovin'
Hey guys! I finally got my mirror set up in my new Apartment so I can continue with my Closet Diaries. There's alot of light this time so it won't be as hard to see the colors and textures of my outfits. yayyy! Anywho, Today I wore a light blue button up shirt from H&M over a floral print dress from A'Gaci, a Vera Wang belt and tan woven wedges from somewhere- I can't remember, I have too many clothes- and gold leaf earrings. I felt very sophisticated but also ready to go out and have some fun in the City.

Accessorie Update: My day at work

Accessorie Table

I placed the wallets on there side, opposite of eachother, to add texture to the table.
This side mirrors the left side making it balanced and visually appealing

Shoe Wall
Everything is balanced and looks visually organized.
Even the pops of red are evenly distributed

Friday, June 25, 2010

NYC Study Trip 2010

My school has finally impressed me to my witts end. I am extremely excited I can't even keep myself still. With extrordiary amount of pressure and constantly bugging the fashion program to provide a school trip to NYC and they did!!!! For those of you who know me, know how amazing this is and how much I am looking forward to it. Not only will it am amazing time with friends, in the city where I belong, but it's a wonderful opportunity to network and experience the fashion industry first hand; a little sneek peek. So far, the trip includes:

  • Kohl’s NCY design offices (and possibly meeting Vera Wang)

  • Trend presentation from Trend Union

  • Tour of Design Works International (a textile design firm)

  • FIT’s fashion exhibit

  • Tour of American Eagle Outfitters

  • Tour of Emmelle Design and Showroom

  • Tour of Jonevon Furs (one of the only furriers still making garments in NYC)

  • One Museum admission (TBA)

  • Fabric Shopping

  • Insider scoop on sample sales

  • Other cool stuff that I’m waiting to hear back from (including a tour of WWD offices!)
Until further notice I will begin packing and start saving money so I can explore and soak up every ounce of New York that I can come September. *sigh* My heart feels happy...finally....Anyways! I havent had internet since the move last weekend, and I won't be getting it until monday-thank god for free Wi-Fi at Panera- so don't be pissed at me for being absent this past week, I haven't forgotten you, my blog lovers. :) I must admit though, it's been very relaxing without the internet, I enjoyed it. Okay gotta run, it's a beautiful day outside, and I'm riding my bike, I don't wanna waste it away sitting in a coffee shop, consumed in my computer screen. Until monday, tusche!

Friday, June 18, 2010

2010 CFDA Fashion Awards

Ahhh, Spring quarter is offically over and I finally have time to relax and have time for myself - until tomorrow, anyway, when my sister and I have to start moving our things into our new apartment which, by the way, will have no water or electricity until next week. Awesome! It doesnt end there, oh no, on Sunday we have to get up early and clean until our old apartment is spotless, turning in our key and driving home for a Father's day dinner and spend the night with my family. No time to waste after that because my sister and I have to get up early again to get on the road back to Chicago where a very talented artist will be painting a portrait of me, shooting pictures as well - so as you can see, this moment is very precious to me, I can finally sit down and write, what I enjoy the most.

On June 8th the 2010 CFDA Fahion Awards was presented in New York-the city of my future and dreams- where the Council of Fashion Designers of America paid tribute to the talented and newly emerging talent of the Fashion Industry. The Oscars of Fashion, funded by Swarovki for the ninth year in a row.  The emotional point in the show was the Board of Directors' Special Tribute award, presented by Sarah Jessica Parker, honored to Alexander McQueen for his indelible contribution to international fashion.  SJP wore a gorgeous purple and pink print gown from McQueen’s Pre-Fall 2010 collection. Such a moving statement to show honor to the most innovative and inspirational Designer, and artist, of our time.

Womenswear Designer of the Year: Marc Jacobs
Menswear Designer of the Year : Marcus Wainwright & David Neville for Rag & Bone
Accessory Designer of the Year: Alexis Bittar
Swarovski Award for Womenswear: Jason Wu
Swarovski Award for Menswear: Richard Chai
Swarovski Award for Accessory Design: Alexander Wang
Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award: Michael Kors
International Award: Christopher Bailey for Burberry
Eugenia Sheppard Award: Kim Hastreiter, Editor & Publisher, Paper magazine
Follow her on Twitter! @kimpaper
Eleanor Lambert Award: Tonne Goodman, Fashion Director, Vogue
Fashion Icon Award: Iman
Board of Directors’ Special Tribute: The one and only Alexander McQueen

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Impressionist Board

         At my school, there are several different organizations that students can join to get more involved in school, and its a great resume builder. Each organization has a board in the school that serves as an advertising opportunity and get students familiar.  Anyways, I'm editor for The Impressionist, my school newspaperand one of the organizations my school provides- and it our board was looking dull, simple, and plain old boring! It was time to do something about it, time to revamp the impressionist and get people to want to submit their work, and join in on the fun! I had so much fun doing it-any excuse to be creative-and so far everyone loves it. Just by making our board more informative and visually appealing more people have come up to me telling me they had no idea we had a school newspaper and asking how they can get involved. SCORE! that was the whole point!! yayy!  Not only that but I got an email from the Dean, Michael Lango, telling me how much he loved the board and how excited he is to see what more I'm capable of. So much time, especially during finals week, went into that board, that email made my day! I'm so proud of it
**(The background is a bunch of magazine, full page, articles I ripped out of magazines. I thought it would be perfect seeing as it's for a newspaper.  Dr. Anonymous was drawn by an animation major, Sam Culter, a good friend of mine-he is so talented!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Closet Diaries

McQueen Me Please

Today I wore a tie dyed dress that I found at a little vintage boutique in Milwaukee, WI. I love it because it reminds me of an earlier Alexander McQueen, am I right? I kept the accessories simple -the print of the dress is so beutiful and overpowering it needs to stand alone- with a David Yurman classic cable bracelet that I also found at a vintage shop [It was hiding way in the back of all the bracelets; no one thinks to look there, so I did, and I scored! I was, and still am, so excited!!] and black ankle boots that I got from Walmart, believe it or not..only $15.  They are simple and classic and chic and so fabulous that no one should care where they're from! Oh and I almost forgot, I belted it with a skiny studded belt to add a waist line to the otherwise loose dress that fits like a potato sack.

I can't let you go without showing you this lovely bracelet I got from Forever 21. I adore the vintage appeal it has, I can easily say I found it at a thrift shop..but I won't.
When I opened the box, these were laying on top and Amanda [another visual] and I did a double take and started freaking out. We purchased them right away, naturally.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obsession with:

The Beach Cruiser! 
Women's 24-inch Mint Green Beach Cruiser

Helping the Enviornment one step at a time
Celebrities love their Beach Cruisers
Model Lily Cole  
 Anna Paquin
Harrison Ford
Jessica Alba
Miley Cyrus
Kate Hudson

I also love the Vanilla color, it's darling! You can never go wrong
with an all black bicycle either-just incase you were
thinking of giving this as a gift for someones birthday.
Just saying ;)
Don't forget to add a basket either! 
It adds a vintage urban feel and look to it and is absolutley
adorable and functional.  Where else are you gonna put your purse or
groceries when you decide to ride your bike to the store
instead wasting gas by taking your car?
The beach cruiser is one of many on my never
ending 'want'- wait, no -my 'need' list.
My pulse is starting to race just thinking about it! <3

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rihanna Sizzles on Elle

The fierce Rihanna, a woman who is never afraid of fashion, looks GORGEOUS on the cover of July 2010's Issue of Elle magazine. She is bad ass and sexy, yet cute and, in a weird way, very seductive. I think I can say with no hesitation that she is every boy and girls dream girl- and yes, I said it, every girls dream!!  Honesty, Rhianna is probably the only woman who I would turn lesbian for. I mean look at her, you'd be stupid to say she wasn't the most intimidating, sexiest and most mysterious woman in all of Hollywood.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Daily Love

"Fight for your dreams, and your
dreams will fight for you."
-Paulo Coelho-

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My day as Patricia Field

I had a lovely suprise thrown at me today during work when I was recommended, by a fellow employee, to a costumer who needed help picking out an outfit for a "Sex and the City" themed party she's attending tonight. I was so excited and quickly got to work...I wanted to replicate an outfit that Carrie had worn in Sex and the City 2.  One that was chic and dressy but casual enough so that my customer would be able to wear after the party to mix and match each piece to create different outfits. 
The first outfit that came to mind was when Carrie visited her old apartment: A baggy taupe, pastel gray, tunic shirt over an alined army green loose pleated skirt paired with amazing white pumps and a black tassel necklace. Here is what I found:
Sprinkled knit Top (in a Large)- $17.80
over an army green Tulle tutu Skirt- $17.80

I chose these boots instead of the white pumps because she wanted it to be alittle more dressy for the party. I got inspired by these sexy ankle boots because they look like the, to die for, fabulous Louboutins that Carrie wore with her Dior Newsprint dress in the SATC Sequel.  I loved being able to created a Carrie outfit that my customer was very comfortable with-being comfortable in clothes is key to making it look good. Without it, even though it may look great, if you don't feel sexy and confident, it shows and can ruin the outfit! She wanted some kind of jewlery but adding a necklace would be too much in addition to the glitter around the neckline of the shirt soo, I chose a ring that I just put out earlier in the day, one of my personal favorites:
Sometimes less is more- this ring was the finishing touch to the Sex and the City inspired outfit, created entirely out of clothes found at Forever 21. I had so much fun helping her pick out an outfit and the best part is that she felt very comfotable in it and when she was trying it on her confidence filled the room, it made me feel so good. She will forever be on my best dressed list and tonight will be the talk of the party. Another great day at work!

One of my favorite outfits Carrie wore, Season 4.  This is the episode when
she left Aiden's country home to have diner with Big in the city. 
At dinner, Big told her he was having heart surgery and this picture is of
Carrie walking home from that dinner, hurt, scared and anxious. Patricia
Field is a fashion genius! I'm dieing over that skirt..just fabulous!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My new leopard shoes!

Look at my amazing find today! my first pair of leopard ankle boots that I am absolutely in love with and haven't taken off since this afternoon. :) Leopard print is a staple to any wardrobe and can make any outfit sizzle with style.  Adding, just a touch of, leopard can turn a simple,plain jane, outfit to a chic and sophisticated look.  But, you can very easily over do it when you wear too much. Wearing a leopard coat with a leopard scarf, a leopard purse and leopard shoes is a no-no and can turn into an utter disaster. Adding just a pinch and, no doubt, you will be as fierce as a cat-pun intended.
The funny thing about this picture is that Jessica Szohr was my
cheerleading coach in highschool...she's rocking out those leopard wedges!
Alexa Chung in a leopard coat
Me, in my leopard coat, as seen in earlier posts.

On another note, here are some books that I could
 NOT put down, while doing a little shopping at Urban outfitters.
 Sex and the City 2*, of course! This book breaks down every single outfit that was worn in the movie and tells us who wore it and who it's by. It also provides stills of the movie and behind the scene pictures! The next book is Other peoples Love Letters* and one of my personal favorite books of all time...well, it's not actually a book per-say than a collection of love letters, from real people, that were never actually sent-instead it was sent to the book. It's sort of like the Post Secret books*, which I'm sure most of you have heard of. It's a brillant concept and I encourage you to go to Barnes and Noble or Borders-any bookstore-and pick up a copy of either one of these books.  Other Peoples Love Letters is proof that romance is not yet dead, only hidden. People are afraid of rejection, following their head while their heart is screaming to be heard.  Every single one of those letters gives you something to think about, it's weird, it's almost as if they give you the courage and the strength to let your heart take the lead and tell that one person you love them, no matter what the outcome.
*I gave you the link to Barnes and Noble because it's alot cheaper
than if you ordered it from Urban Outfitters. Just trying to help.
My black diamond, because I like to think of myself
as a Carrie Bradshaw...what do you think? me likey!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Daily Love

"Life is a good teacher and a good friend. Things are always in transition, if we could only realize it. To stay with that shakiness - to stay with a broken heart, with a rumbling stomach, with the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to get revenge - that is the path of true awakening. Sticking with that uncertainty, getting the knack of relaxing in the midst of chaos, learning not to panic - this is the spiritual path."
                                     - Pema Chodron
~Page 10 from her book:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Model of the Moment

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Voted "Most likely to become a supermodel" in highschool, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley proved them right as one of the world's most effortlessly seductive Supermodels.  Known best for her work as one of Victoria's Secret Angels she is now replacing Megan Fox in the mega hit Blockbuster film, Transformers III.  No acting experience is needed when your this gorgeous-Transformers Director, Michael Bay, couldn't have chosen a better girl. 

Rosie was discovered by Profile Modeling Managment while looking for interships around London.  Since her career made it's debut, in New York, in 2004 she has appeared in Elle Girl, Teen Vogue and graced the covers of Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Vogue UK, GQ and other high fashion magazines. She has been seen in ads for high end designers and brand names such as: Abercrombie & Fitch; Bloomingdale's; Clinique; DKNY; French Connection; L.A.M.B; Pepe Jeans, Shiatzy Chen; Ralph Lauren and Top Shop among others.  In 2008 Rosie appeared as the face of Burberry's Autum/Winter collection and has since claimed to fame as one of the worlds sexiest Supermodels along side Giselle Bundchen, Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova and Adrianna Lima, not to mention being named the 'new Kate Moss' by the British media.

Not only is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley completly alluring with her, out of this world, perfectly toned physic but she is no stranger to the world of fashion.  Her style is impeccable and, believe it or not, before modeling she initially wanted to work in fashion, behind the scenes.  There is no denying that the girl knows how to put an outfit together! It's no wonder she recieved the Elle Style award for Model of the Year and placed 6th in Harper Bazaar's Best Dressed list for 2008.  You can get a peek into her wardrobe on Vogue UK's Today I'm Wearing blog; Rosie is certianly not an advocate for PETA as she rocks out her fabulous Louis Vuitton fur gilet and many other vintage fur pieces, but her style is undeniably filled with confidence and glamour. I must say that I love every one of her outfits, casual or fancy!!
Her name may be a mouth full but she lives up to it
with her sexy intrigue and Voluptuous lips. Major girl crush!

The Daily Love

“Find out who you are & embrace it. 
It's so much easier to face criticism when 
you are comfortable in your own skin.”
–Amy Adams

Sunday, June 6, 2010

If the shoe fits...

I had a great and productive day at work today. There wasn't enough shoes to cover the whole wall with heels so I had to compromise and use my creativity to merchindise the shoe wall. I know it's kind of hard to see because I had to take the picture very fast with my phone before any customers walked past (as you can see they already started tearing apart the sandals on the wall). If I would have pushed the lower table to the left more, you could see the bigger table better. This section is kind of split into two themes/sections;the upper table has a more boutique-ish look; the sequined oxford shoes that are hanging on a fixture, on the lower table, is blocking the view-sorry! The wall part of this section is very summery, dedicated to sandals and beach type totes. Again, you can't really see the wall but on the bottom right there are baskets, laid on their sides, filled with canvas shoes. Inbetween them is an off white tote.