Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays xo

Meet my sister, Jo. 
The one who sparked my love for fashion.
She is a Wildland Firefighter- the most fabulous of them all. xo
There is nothing that screams Holiday more than a bold red lip. I was finally able to go back home to good ole' Wisconsin and spend time with my family for the Holiday. But of course, although I was back home, where corn fields out number shopping centers, I refused to be anything less than city chic and fabulous. Just like the saying goes, "You can take the girl away from the city, but you can't take the city away from the girl."
My dress is Allen B; I fell in love with the leather material at the top, it gave the dress a rock'n'roll feel while the silk waist and the metallic chiffon balanced it out with a more feminine appeal.  It is my belief that there is absolutely nothing more fabulous than a belted dress and pops of leopard print- Soo, without further ado: my belt is vintage and my Mary-Jane pumps are Simply Vera Wang (a Mary-Jane pump is such a classic and can go, effortlessly, from dressy to casual, IF you wear them correctly; no sweat pants and absolutely not gym shirts...period. A dark wash skinny jean and a simple, loose-fitted, button up blouse is simple, chic and effortless. Perfect for a casual night, where ever you find yourself, whether it's in the city or, in my case, the country side.)
Anyways...my handbag is the Michael Kors Hamilton tote (a similar one can be found here) and my red lipstick is from Mac, of course. Jo is wearing a nude and black lace Nicole Miller blouse, Michael Kors dark skinny jeans and chic, Nine West suede maroon booties with patent leather detailing on the heel. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! Stay fabulous.