Monday, December 27, 2010

Closet Diaries +Xmas

 Black and White Christmas
Merry Christmas Everyone!! I know it's a bit delayed but spending time with family is too important to miss for a blog post. I went over to my Aunts beautiful home for Christmas dinner and sang songs, opened presents and spent the whole night enjoying each others company, having a wonderful time.
I wore a white dress with black roman designs that I got in SoHo New York during my study trip; it reminds me of a stained glass window from an old European church...beautiful. I then wore leggings, since it's so cold out, black lace-up wedge booties from Steve Madden and my Black Michael Kors Hamilton satchel. The black and white is tasteful: not to much black contrasted by the perfect amount of white.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Starting off the new year in New York City!

     Sorry for being MIA the past couple of days. I flew to New York for in interview and was unable to post for that reason. Then, I was un-willingly stuck at Laguardia Airport for about 8 hours- my flight was delayed because of the bad snow storm in Chicago-and on the airplane for another 6. What was only suppose to be a 2 hour flight, turned into a 6 hour plane ride because O'Hare decided it would be a good idea to close the runways for an hour while the storm settled.  
     There was nothing to do except sit and try not to turn around and snap at the parents behind me who allowed their children to scream and shout. It's okay though, I didn't have to deal with it too much longer due to the fact that they eventually began puking-apparently coke and turbulence don't do well for the stomach-which I could have done without but, hey, it shut them up.
    We ended up stopping in Detroit for a couple of hours to refuel and wait for O'Hare to open a runway. Needless to say it was the longest day of my life, not to mention I acutally left the city a couple hours early just incase the line through security was long...nope, it took no more than half an hour tops.
    Anyways, although it was the longest day, it was no short of being perfect. I recieved the best news I could ever get at this point in my life....
My interview outfit: Chic and sophisticated with a little sexiness. Just an FYI, those tights were not that sheer in the interview, I wore darker, more opaque tights. Black lace skirt from target (seriously! Isn't it fabulous!?) over a plain black shirt, slouchy H&M blazer from their Garden Collection, Vera Wang belt and Michael Kors patent leather Lesly pumps.
I am the newest intern at Marie Claire Magazine and will be moving to New York City at the start of January!!!

    This is so exciting, a dream come true for me. I thought, when this day came, I would be crying and sobbing with joy but, much to my suprise, I didn't. Maybe it's from waiting for a flight back to Chicago for so long, my brain wasn't able to function, or the fact that I had no one to celebrate with in the airport; I would have looked like a lunatic, crying in the middle of the airport by myself. I don't know what happened but for some reason it just hasn't hit me yet. My whole life I wanted to move to New York and work for Vogue or Marie Claire and now, right before my eyes, it's happening and my mind just doesn't know how to respond or comprehend it. I guess I always thought dreams only came true in fairytales an movies and although I never stopped believing in my dreams, I never thought it would happen so easy and so quick.

    My heart is full of anticipation, full of excitment, curiosity, fear, happiness, passion...everything you could ever imagine feeling...feelings that I can not even begin to explain to you right now.  I think the more I talk about it and the closer it comes to the move in date it will slowly begin to sink in. The moment my parents leave and I'm in my gorgeous West Side, New York, apartment alone..when I see the door shut behind them, at that moment my over-due, overly dramatic,  sob fest will begin and I'll tell you what: I can't wait!
     After my interview I quickly changed and decided to waste time walking around the city; bad choice of words because it was definitely not a waste of time. I walked to Columbus Circle-which is in Central park-and they had this cute little Christmas Market going on, much similiar to the Kriskringle Market in Chicago. Anyways, as I was walking through all the shops I came across these gorgeous real leather cuffs, studded double wrap bracelets, chain detailing with gold and silver, or both. Oh my gosh they were just gorgeous. I made friends with the lady who made these beautiful peices of jewlery with her sister, who was MIA at that time, and she gave me a pretty good discount on an Aubergine leather cuff with gold studded detailing. I fell in love with it, so I got it for myself as an "Congradulations on not screwing up your interview" gift. haha This was before I knew I got the internship, so now I see it as my "Congrats on making your dreams come true" bracelet.

     Seriously, I am an adamant believer that when you put your mind to something and you keep believe that you can achieve it, even if it may seem hopeless at the time, it will come to you. You may have to wait a while-days, months, even years-but eventually it will all fall into place.  Never give up on your dreams.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Closet Diaries

Fuzzy Wuzzy Vest
Please tell me that I'm not the only one who remembers that popular tongue-twister from way back when:
"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair,
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't really fuzzy,
My sisters and I would sing it all the time when we drove in our little copper car which we, unfortunatley, had named Fuzzy. Yes, we named our cars and yes, my sisters, brother and I all agreed on naming one of them Fuzzy. Snowflake was the other lucky car, a white station wagon to be exact...oh yes, we were high rollers in those cars that's for sure. haha.
Today I decided to finally break out the fur that was purchased at the end of winter last year in a great, great sale at Nordstrom. I absolutely adore this vest, it's fuzzy, soft and so warm and cozy! It's comfortable and effortlessly chic; a combination that, no matter their age or profession, every woman wants in their wardrobe. 
I can't begin to tell you how many people have been petting-yes, PETTING-me and telling me how fuzzy and soft I am. I think it's hilarious and it has yet to fail me that, when someone comments on my 'fuzzy' vest, I will immediately start reciting the Fuzzy Wuzzy poem in my head-hence the name of this's just too perfect.  I layered it over a cute floral tunic dress, rolled up at the waist to create the illusion of being a longer shirt. I wore black leggings and my Franco Sarto 'Ponzi' boots from a previous Closet Diaries (for a more casual look, switch out the leggings for a darker wash blue jean) and, of course, my Michael Kors rosegold watch ties it all together. LOVE. 
P.s. I'm smiling just for you, mother. <3

The Boyfriend Watch

Victoria Beckham looks as gorgeous as ever rocking the gold boyfriend watch with a royal blue and black dress of her own design. The watch next to her is the Golden Runway watch with Glitz (Michael's favorite is the Golden oversized Runway watch). Boyfriend watches, oversized, in general, are timeless pieces that make any outfit more interesting. It's a must have for anyone who has a wrist...and a sense of style.
Jessica Simpson and Hayden Panettiere
Kim Kardashian and Audrina Patridge
Paris Hilton and Elle Macpherson
Whitney Port and Jennifer Aniston (who is wearing a rose gold watch)
Just like Jennifer Aniston, I'm sporting the newest and very popular rose-gold watch. I absolutely love it. It matches everything: gold, silver, gunmetal...literally anything! The limited edition is special because Michael only makes 5,000 of these watches (mine is 414/5,000) and signs the back of it- "xoxo Michael  Kors" - and dots his "i" with a Swarovski crystal. Swarovski crystals replace the 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 on the face of the watch and against the rose tone the crystals look phenomenal. Just the right amount of sparkle and glitz..just gorgeous. It's a great watch and you don't see many people with the a rosegold watch, which is another reason I love it so much..well,  besides the fact that it's so beautiful against pale skin. If you love the oversized gold watch, which is one of Michael Kors Iconic pieces, you can purchase it now by just clicking the picture below! It's gorgeous and timeless. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Closet Diaries- Winter Wonderland

Oh how I adore the snow. It's so beautiful in every way imaginable and the rarity of it makes it even more special (another reason to love Chicago and New York). When it finally starts to fall, the sky is filled with falling snowflakes that eventually paint everything in, what I like to call, white glitter. So clean. So fresh. So utterly breathtaking. It's a moment you never want to end. The glisten of freshly fallen snow brightens up the dark, short, days of December and makes everything seem so luminous and easy and all your problems simply melt away. Just like the star on top of a Christmas tree, the snow completes the Holidays. For whatever reason, when snow falls and covers the streets with it's perfect crystal flakes, the Christmas spirit starts to embrace our hearts. It's a wonderful feeling.
Strategically placed streams of lights flash their colors in a playful sequence on every street corner wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Christmas trees peak out from behind the curtains and the smell of freshly baked cookies fill the air. Freinds and family gather at the ski hills, kids bundle up to build snowmen and play in the snow and couples fill the ice skating rink with their smiles and laughter. The snow brings out the best in us and even after a long day in the snow families, friends and everyone in between gather around the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate enjoying echothers presence with the Christmas song humming in the background. It's the warm fuzzy feeling that makes these short December days feel so alive and joyous and it only happens this time of year, during the Holidays.
With that being said it's time to start bundling up to beat the cold weather and help keep Jack Frost away from nipping anything but your nose.
   A new package from Nordstrom came today. My new Calvin Klein diagonal Twill wrap topper coat. It's gorgeous and I feel sexy when I'm wearing it. It's elegant, sophisticated, simple and the diagonal twill detailing, along with the wide collar make it young and fun. I'm in love with it. The cream color is beautiful and timeless, I just hope I can keep it clean! Good luck to me...

 Can I tell you the the honest truth-that I haven't said to anyone yet-as to why I love this coat so much? It's because when I'm wearing this coat I can imagine myself walking down the streets of Greenwich village, Tribeca and SoHo in New York City; I imagine myself fitting right in with the other fabulous New Yorkers. Don't ask me why a coat makes me think of such things, I don't control where my inspirations come from, but I'm not complaining. In a few years, when I'm living in New York I will wear this coat and walk the sidewalks of Greenwich Village, Tribeca and SoHo and smile; like a dream come true. 
Anyways, my Michael Kors rain boots are fabulous! No ruined hemlines, or soaked, freezing socks, and definitely no worrying about the slush that is now everywhere after the second snow fall of the year. Fabulous.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emma Watson in Marie Claire.

New Purchases!
Purchase #1: Marie Claire , of course, one of my favorite magazines and look how stunning Emma Watson looks on the cover with her cute pixie cut. She wears it well, Gorgeous!
I enjoyed reading about Emma in this issue. She is only 21 years old and has this undeniable power to make things happen for herself.  She knows what she wants and doesn't stop, won't give up, until she gets it.  As a young, down-to-earth, and extremely intelligent young woman she has the world at her footstep and can do whatever she wants and finishing college at Brown University is at the top of her list. 
Marie Claire took their readers inside her world for a few moments and allowed them to see her for who she is: A young woman with integrity, with goals, dreams and aspirations. She's a woman, just like us, who is simply just trying to find her way through life, be happy, and ultimately do what she loves. She's a fantastic role model for young girls. Shes proves that with hard work, passion and dedication anything is possible.
You must pick up this months issue of Marie Claire. The stories are uplifting and inspiring, the advice is
encouraging and the pictures are wonderful. It's everything a woman could want in a magazine. I promise you, you won't regret it... you will love it!

 Those killer, super chic J-Lissimo Christian Louboutin heels. So sexy.

 A reminiscence of Twiggy! So cute
Goodness, look at those legs, they are amazing. Not too skinny, they're toned to perfection.

 Purchase #2: drum roll please...

Michael Kors City Rain Boots They're perfect for those rainy days in April as well as for the Snowy days in December. Especially in the city of Chicago, there is alot of snow and I always hate when my Uggs or leather boots get ruined from having to shovel or walking in the snow. These boots will be perfect and will save me alot of time from having to clean my boots after every snowy day. Love them, absolutelyl fabulous!

CSN Store $35 Giveaway!!

Hello to all my fabulous readers! It's....

CSN Stores is offering one of my lucky readers a $35 gift card to be used in any of their 200+ online stores. They carry great things like furniture, home decor, great shoes, cookware, travel accessories and even cute leather messenger bags . They literally have everything! 
Christmas is just around the corner so this would be a fabulous gift for others, if not it's something you could keep for yourself! You deserve to treat yourself to something nice after all that Holiday shopping.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Closet Diaries

Katy Perry you're hott. Harper's Bazaar you're amazing. Best cover I've seen in a while. It's very Simple but it still makes HUGE statement. This picture says it all, it needs no more than three words.

Yes, I'm at work and I apologize for my bad picture quality and the fact that I have a random fire extinguisher chillin next to me. It's red and goes with the red in Katy Perry's bejewled lips so I decided to keep it there. :)

Anyways, lets take our attention off the red fire extinguisher and move it over to my lovely Michael Kors Metallic Crocodile-Print Dress! I feel Chic, sexy, sophisticated and rocker, all at the same time, while wearing this dress. I feel like I can rule the world in this dress, which I can.  Seriously, with all the compliments that come my way, it's unbelievable, I feel like I can do anything! I'm selling this thing to clients left and right; it's a perfect Holiday/New Years dress and can even be taken into the summer when all the Harleys come out...if you can manage to sit on the bike comfortably without ripping the dress.

Seriously though, if you want to feel sexy and confident, get this dress. You won't regret it. Worth every penny!

Baby, it's cold outside...

I woke up this morning to this:
Beautiful. Breathtaking. Clean white, fresh snow! The first snowfall of the year for Chicago. Winter wonderland.

Although I would rather be making snowmen with the snow-it was excellent packing snow, if you must know-or throwing snowballs at the neighbors, unfortunately I still had to go to work. I don't mind especially when I get to walk by Anthropologie who just so happened to just change their window display. Infact, not only did they just change the windows, they had a whole new floorset. Winter/Christmas theme. Check it out. I absolutely fell in love with it. 
All the tree stumps are made of cardboard, as well as the chandelier hanging in the background. The detailings are exquisite!!
As you walk past the window, outside the entrance you are greeted by this wonderful display. It's inviting and warm. I definietly wanted to walk right into the I did...

...and the Winter/Christmas theme is contiued throughout the store. The visuals have certainly done their job here. Visually appealing, catches your eye and makes you want to come into the store. Even if it's just to see the displays, it got me into the store didn't it. Now I'm more likely to buy something :). Well done Anthropologie, you have the best visuals I have ever seen. Very creative, unique and inspiring.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Closet Diaries + New Boots

Franco Sarto is a genius!
I'm wearing a tribal inspired necklace given to me by my wonderful mother, a gray t-shirt, a 5/48 wool cropped jacket from Saks, skinny black levis, and my new...
 The Western-inspired boot takes on a beautiful, feminine twist. Softly glazed crackled leather adds a luxe look to this standout boot and the flexible rubber sole and modest heel keep it comfortable. This is my second pair of Franco Sarto shoes (My first pair were the fabulous heels I wore on my birthday: Happy Fourth of July) and I have to say I am very much impressed with the quality of his shoes. The leather is fantasic!

Franco Sarto shoes are designed in Italy, but they are all manufactured in Brazil. Brazil has much more reasonable prices than Italy or Spain, yet is the second largest footwear producing country in the world. Brazil also has all the necessary materials needed for making quality shoes, including leather, wood, and rubber to produce shoe soles, heels, and uppers.They look great, they last long, and provide comfort for an active lifestyle. Franco Sarto understands that women are often on the go, so they need shoes that will work with this way of life
 A scalloped-edge top and laser-cut punches create an intricate design along the top of the leg for stunning detail.
To finish off the look, I added a pop of red (OPI Vodka & Caviar) to my nails. Obviously I am in the Christmas spirit and have been since November..shame on me for starting so early. Oh well, I love showing it off. Plus this red is really a remarkable color against pale skin, don't you think?