Friday, December 10, 2010

Closet Diaries- Winter Wonderland

Oh how I adore the snow. It's so beautiful in every way imaginable and the rarity of it makes it even more special (another reason to love Chicago and New York). When it finally starts to fall, the sky is filled with falling snowflakes that eventually paint everything in, what I like to call, white glitter. So clean. So fresh. So utterly breathtaking. It's a moment you never want to end. The glisten of freshly fallen snow brightens up the dark, short, days of December and makes everything seem so luminous and easy and all your problems simply melt away. Just like the star on top of a Christmas tree, the snow completes the Holidays. For whatever reason, when snow falls and covers the streets with it's perfect crystal flakes, the Christmas spirit starts to embrace our hearts. It's a wonderful feeling.
Strategically placed streams of lights flash their colors in a playful sequence on every street corner wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Christmas trees peak out from behind the curtains and the smell of freshly baked cookies fill the air. Freinds and family gather at the ski hills, kids bundle up to build snowmen and play in the snow and couples fill the ice skating rink with their smiles and laughter. The snow brings out the best in us and even after a long day in the snow families, friends and everyone in between gather around the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate enjoying echothers presence with the Christmas song humming in the background. It's the warm fuzzy feeling that makes these short December days feel so alive and joyous and it only happens this time of year, during the Holidays.
With that being said it's time to start bundling up to beat the cold weather and help keep Jack Frost away from nipping anything but your nose.
   A new package from Nordstrom came today. My new Calvin Klein diagonal Twill wrap topper coat. It's gorgeous and I feel sexy when I'm wearing it. It's elegant, sophisticated, simple and the diagonal twill detailing, along with the wide collar make it young and fun. I'm in love with it. The cream color is beautiful and timeless, I just hope I can keep it clean! Good luck to me...

 Can I tell you the the honest truth-that I haven't said to anyone yet-as to why I love this coat so much? It's because when I'm wearing this coat I can imagine myself walking down the streets of Greenwich village, Tribeca and SoHo in New York City; I imagine myself fitting right in with the other fabulous New Yorkers. Don't ask me why a coat makes me think of such things, I don't control where my inspirations come from, but I'm not complaining. In a few years, when I'm living in New York I will wear this coat and walk the sidewalks of Greenwich Village, Tribeca and SoHo and smile; like a dream come true. 
Anyways, my Michael Kors rain boots are fabulous! No ruined hemlines, or soaked, freezing socks, and definitely no worrying about the slush that is now everywhere after the second snow fall of the year. Fabulous.

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  1. AHHH! A NYC Winter is SUCH a dream of mine. I can't even imagine how INCREDIBLE it would be!

    These photos are so pretty! As is that sweater - so perfect for winter!