Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Starting off the new year in New York City!

     Sorry for being MIA the past couple of days. I flew to New York for in interview and was unable to post for that reason. Then, I was un-willingly stuck at Laguardia Airport for about 8 hours- my flight was delayed because of the bad snow storm in Chicago-and on the airplane for another 6. What was only suppose to be a 2 hour flight, turned into a 6 hour plane ride because O'Hare decided it would be a good idea to close the runways for an hour while the storm settled.  
     There was nothing to do except sit and try not to turn around and snap at the parents behind me who allowed their children to scream and shout. It's okay though, I didn't have to deal with it too much longer due to the fact that they eventually began puking-apparently coke and turbulence don't do well for the stomach-which I could have done without but, hey, it shut them up.
    We ended up stopping in Detroit for a couple of hours to refuel and wait for O'Hare to open a runway. Needless to say it was the longest day of my life, not to mention I acutally left the city a couple hours early just incase the line through security was long...nope, it took no more than half an hour tops.
    Anyways, although it was the longest day, it was no short of being perfect. I recieved the best news I could ever get at this point in my life....
My interview outfit: Chic and sophisticated with a little sexiness. Just an FYI, those tights were not that sheer in the interview, I wore darker, more opaque tights. Black lace skirt from target (seriously! Isn't it fabulous!?) over a plain black shirt, slouchy H&M blazer from their Garden Collection, Vera Wang belt and Michael Kors patent leather Lesly pumps.
I am the newest intern at Marie Claire Magazine and will be moving to New York City at the start of January!!!

    This is so exciting, a dream come true for me. I thought, when this day came, I would be crying and sobbing with joy but, much to my suprise, I didn't. Maybe it's from waiting for a flight back to Chicago for so long, my brain wasn't able to function, or the fact that I had no one to celebrate with in the airport; I would have looked like a lunatic, crying in the middle of the airport by myself. I don't know what happened but for some reason it just hasn't hit me yet. My whole life I wanted to move to New York and work for Vogue or Marie Claire and now, right before my eyes, it's happening and my mind just doesn't know how to respond or comprehend it. I guess I always thought dreams only came true in fairytales an movies and although I never stopped believing in my dreams, I never thought it would happen so easy and so quick.

    My heart is full of anticipation, full of excitment, curiosity, fear, happiness, passion...everything you could ever imagine feeling...feelings that I can not even begin to explain to you right now.  I think the more I talk about it and the closer it comes to the move in date it will slowly begin to sink in. The moment my parents leave and I'm in my gorgeous West Side, New York, apartment alone..when I see the door shut behind them, at that moment my over-due, overly dramatic,  sob fest will begin and I'll tell you what: I can't wait!
     After my interview I quickly changed and decided to waste time walking around the city; bad choice of words because it was definitely not a waste of time. I walked to Columbus Circle-which is in Central park-and they had this cute little Christmas Market going on, much similiar to the Kriskringle Market in Chicago. Anyways, as I was walking through all the shops I came across these gorgeous real leather cuffs, studded double wrap bracelets, chain detailing with gold and silver, or both. Oh my gosh they were just gorgeous. I made friends with the lady who made these beautiful peices of jewlery with her sister, who was MIA at that time, and she gave me a pretty good discount on an Aubergine leather cuff with gold studded detailing. I fell in love with it, so I got it for myself as an "Congradulations on not screwing up your interview" gift. haha This was before I knew I got the internship, so now I see it as my "Congrats on making your dreams come true" bracelet.

     Seriously, I am an adamant believer that when you put your mind to something and you keep believe that you can achieve it, even if it may seem hopeless at the time, it will come to you. You may have to wait a while-days, months, even years-but eventually it will all fall into place.  Never give up on your dreams.


  1. Marie Claire?!?!? Woohooooooooooooo! That's fabulous. Congrats!

  2. Hey Krysta this is Kat. Just got your blog site off your facebook because I was wondering what your New York job was. An intern at Marie Claire?! That is beyond exciting. What an experience!!! I hope you have a ton of fun. That is so great, congrats.

  3. hi there Krysta!
    i love your watch.. i was wondering if that's a Michael Kors watch? :)