Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Boyfriend Watch

Victoria Beckham looks as gorgeous as ever rocking the gold boyfriend watch with a royal blue and black dress of her own design. The watch next to her is the Golden Runway watch with Glitz (Michael's favorite is the Golden oversized Runway watch). Boyfriend watches, oversized, in general, are timeless pieces that make any outfit more interesting. It's a must have for anyone who has a wrist...and a sense of style.
Jessica Simpson and Hayden Panettiere
Kim Kardashian and Audrina Patridge
Paris Hilton and Elle Macpherson
Whitney Port and Jennifer Aniston (who is wearing a rose gold watch)
Just like Jennifer Aniston, I'm sporting the newest and very popular rose-gold watch. I absolutely love it. It matches everything: gold, silver, gunmetal...literally anything! The limited edition is special because Michael only makes 5,000 of these watches (mine is 414/5,000) and signs the back of it- "xoxo Michael  Kors" - and dots his "i" with a Swarovski crystal. Swarovski crystals replace the 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 on the face of the watch and against the rose tone the crystals look phenomenal. Just the right amount of sparkle and glitz..just gorgeous. It's a great watch and you don't see many people with the a rosegold watch, which is another reason I love it so much..well,  besides the fact that it's so beautiful against pale skin. If you love the oversized gold watch, which is one of Michael Kors Iconic pieces, you can purchase it now by just clicking the picture below! It's gorgeous and timeless. 

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