Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

I woke up this morning to this:
Beautiful. Breathtaking. Clean white, fresh snow! The first snowfall of the year for Chicago. Winter wonderland.

Although I would rather be making snowmen with the snow-it was excellent packing snow, if you must know-or throwing snowballs at the neighbors, unfortunately I still had to go to work. I don't mind especially when I get to walk by Anthropologie who just so happened to just change their window display. Infact, not only did they just change the windows, they had a whole new floorset. Winter/Christmas theme. Check it out. I absolutely fell in love with it. 
All the tree stumps are made of cardboard, as well as the chandelier hanging in the background. The detailings are exquisite!!
As you walk past the window, outside the entrance you are greeted by this wonderful display. It's inviting and warm. I definietly wanted to walk right into the I did...

...and the Winter/Christmas theme is contiued throughout the store. The visuals have certainly done their job here. Visually appealing, catches your eye and makes you want to come into the store. Even if it's just to see the displays, it got me into the store didn't it. Now I'm more likely to buy something :). Well done Anthropologie, you have the best visuals I have ever seen. Very creative, unique and inspiring.

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