Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zenita's Photography

The Swing Massacre
Photo Credit: Zenita Hill
I am so pround of my little sister Zenita. For so long she's been wanting and promising and waiting to start a 365 blog.
Before I begin explaining what a 365 blog is-for those of you who are out of the loop-I want to let you know that Zenita is an amazing photographer. So talented and creative...she's so filled with passion you wouldn't be able to recognize her when she's behind the camera. It's as if she's a whole different human being; bending down, climbing up, laying on the ground, wedging herself into every knook and crany, capturing moments that inspire you and make you think. She has this incredible ability to make anything-a place, person, or thing-whatever it may be- and make it look abstract and beautiful and eye catching...through her photos she sheds light on things that we take for granted on a daily this picture, for instance! I would never think a swing could be so fascinating nor would I ever think to take a picture of one!
I'm telling you, it's not just because she's my sister...and best friend...she is amazing. Stay tuned to her 365 blog: Zenita Hill Photography, where she, everyday for 365 days takes a new picture and posts it. She has no theme, just whatever inspires her in any moment(s) throughout the day. Her goal is become an even stronger photographer and to see her progress as the days go by.

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