Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meet my Roommate

Hi everyone!! I am so sorry I've been MIA lately. It's been a hectic week; first of all, my hours at Marie Claire run between 10 and 12 hours a day. I love every minute of it but it leaves me very little time to do much else. I take online classes so right after work I come home, finish homework and pass out. To top everything off, my computer crashed a few days ago. It chose the worst possible time to break down that's for sure; right in the middle of the week when papers are due and discussions are crucial. My mother and professors have been so supportive, thank god, otherwise I would have been overwhelmed beyond belief.  
Anyways, I got a new computer that won't crash. I am no longer have a Sony laptop, that's right people, I am now a Mac girl! Yay, I'm so excited and feel so fancy. Thank you mom for being there for me! I can't wait to take my Mac to Starbucks and write until my fingers fall off. I'm trying to think of a fabulous name for my new Mac; I'm up for suggestions so if you have any cute names PLEASE let me know. 
Isn't she beautiful! MacBook Pro. LOVE!!
Now..let's meet the person we've been anticipating since I moved to New York-My roommate! Yes, she's finally here and I love her to death. Her name is Brittany Chassey, she's from New Jersey and I am convinced that she is my long lost twin. We wen't grocery shopping the first night she arrived and had a scandalous time. It was so much fun! Just an FYI: New York City groceries are not cheap. Especially fruit. 
I promise I will try to keep up with posts; at least 3 times a week. Now that I'm settled into my schedule I can squeeze it in, for sure. Just know that, my internship is my main focus right now. I would encourage everyone to come to New York and get an internship like this. It's an amazing experience, you meet so many fabulous people, and you learn so much. I've been like a sponge, soaking up everything!!


  1. krysta, you look gorgeous as always and also, welcome to the Mac World! :)

  2. YAY!!
    glad you like Sex Krysta!!

    LMAO yeah... that name is awesome!
    i wont call it anything else! I REFUSE!