Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lust-worthy Summer Sandals: Can you Spot the Splurge?

Lust-worthy Summer Sandals: Can you Spot the Splurge?
Lust-worthy Summer Sandals: Can you Spot the Splurge? by krysta-hill featuring strappy sandals

This summer it's all about the strappy sandals. The outlandish designs and out-of-the-box accents: spikes, metals and 'the jelly' are in full bloom. It's not about the summer dresses anymore, it's about who is wearing the most lusted sandals of the season- The 'Lady Gaga' of footwear.

Currently I am channeling my inner sandal maniac and have been on the search for the perfect foot adornment. After reading Monday's 'Man Repeller' blog post about how women invest hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on a pair of high heeled shoes that get worn once or twice and then spend their lifetime hidden inside a box at the top of ones closet. It really hit home as I spend so much time shopping and 'investing' my money on heels (fabulous ones at that, of course) to wear them, when? I go to school full time and work a lot. For all the running around I do everyday I must be psychotic  to have purchased so many 4, 5, even 6 inch heels. Really. No wonder my sister thinks I'm a lunatic. When will you ever wear those? she asks. Well, I will wear them. Just not right now because I am now on the quest for the perfect pair of strappy sandals that will not only fashionably adorn my tired ole feet, but they will actually be useful to me in my current hectic lifestyle, which will then bring me a return on my 'investment.' Fantastic! I can feel my self getting smarter by the minute- my sister will be so proud.

So, on the contrary, I have selected some ahh-mazing shoe-gasmic strappy sandals all under $170! Mostly from Zara, Dolce Vita and Sam Edelman. Just for shits and giggles I threw in a tasty little splurge just because I couldn't help myself. When you're a poor college student on the verge of graduation, planning a big move to Manhattan from Chicago all you're left to do is fantasize about items much too expensive and luxurious for your bank account. Ahh yes, the ever so striking Alaia leather sandals. A whopping $2,110. No big deal...Dream on, Krysta. Which is your favorite. Please share! 

SPLURGE: Alaïa leather sandals - $2,110 -