Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fashion Editors Wardrobe

Fashion Editors Wardrobe

High pattern dress, $455 / Rut m.fl. knit sweater, $33 / Biker jacket / Stella McCartney high heel shoes / Michael Kors satchel / Kate Spade clutch / DANNIJO jewelry

Imagine a world where price doesn't matter, clothing is unlimited and designers are begging left and right to get you into their designs. A time where fashion is always right at your finger tips and the world is waiting for you to play dress up all around the streets of New York. If you are anything like me you have already fallen into a deep swoon for this is what it is like to be a respected and well known Fashion Editor. Their creative power is endless and nonetheless inspiring. In honor of the ruthless end of this horrid summer, I ceased some of a Fashion Editors power and created a staple Fall outfit. Now, since I couldn't choose which bag I liked more I dropped the monogamist bullshit and decided that I didn't have to. I could use both! The  Crimson Michael Kors Ostrich leather Gia tote will be for day and the Kate Spade cobalt ostrich feather clutch for night. Perfecto! Problem is, once again, solved.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Savor Summer & Fete Fall with Theodora & Callum

There is no question that Full Picture PR knows how to put on a great show. From Victorias Secret Fashion Show to Vitamin Water Campaigns it's no wonder they are so successful. Last night they threw a fabulous rooftop event at the James Hotel in Soho where we celebrated Theodora & Callum's (@TheodoraCallum) new Fall Collection which gave me a chance to mingle with talented bloggers, Editors and of course their PR girls. It was definietly a night to remember sipping on champagne and sorbet and trying all the wonderful bit sized treats, not to mention the new collection of scarves which seems to keep getting better!  

I'm wearing a Vintage Ann Taylor Skirt, vintage belt, Michael Kors blouse, Steve Madden heels and  of course my favorite Theodora & Callum Pink Multi Ikat Tie All Scarf 

Executive Assistant Christine Buzan demonstrating all the unique ways you can tie your T&C Scarf.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stop, Shop and go broke with Alaïa

As much as I need and MUST stop shopping and make an effort to save money, it's hard to NOT justify spending money on a pair of marvelous suede black thigh high boots that are 65% off at the OUTNET. Did I mention they're Azzedine Alaïa and are only $915, down from $2,615!? Hello! It literally kills me with every bit of effort I put forward in order to prioritize my self control with self pleasure and luxurious desires. Not to mention I could rationalize a bit with a few justifications on my end. Let me count the ways.

1.)As summer starts to settle down, rain falls and soon the leaves will follow. Every fashionista knows that a pair of suede tall boots is a must in the city of New York. No matter the weather, one must adorn themselves in the most chicest way possible. 

2.)The boots will pay for themselves by the end of the winter! At $915 a pop, if I wore them everyday starting September 1st, by the end of the year they would be paid off. Ha try telling that to my mom when I tell her I bought a pair of shoes instead of paying for rent.

3.) Last but certainly not least: Alaia is a God-one that any dedicated fashionista would sacrifice their life savings for, am I right? 

Nevertheless when it comes down to it, I'm still young and support myself so unless I want to go broke and live in these gorgeous pair of thigh boots for the rest of my life, paying rent wins by common sense. Do you see what fashion can do to ones moral obligations? I love it. Now someone please hurry up and buy them before I give away my card number and sign my life away to the thought of the black suede hugging my legs. My feet are becoming quite lonely. Boo. Well, 'sigh' At least I know someone will be enjoying their company. xoxo

Monday, August 13, 2012

(CC) Color Coveting: Crimson Red

Photos from
Walking around New York City without a purpose in a fabulous pair of heels is about as impractical as wearing your new aubergine bedazzled Prada bag to the gym. However, we do it, over and over again. Why? Because we like to feel beautiful and fabulous no matter what time of day or occasion it may be. I for one would give own arm for a pair of Christian Louboutins or the newest, trendiest handbags straight from the runway! I don't give a hoot if anyone objects to this public display of Glamour-it's not a crime. Some would argue that there should be a law that require people to follow the parisian way of living: Everyday is dress up day. Where going for a single cup of coffee with girlfriends is reason enough to put on a cocktail dress, diamonds and a crystalized pair of stilettos. Case in point (see photo below). 
Anja Rubik in Toutes Jambes editorial by Terry Richardson
Anyways, there is plenty of time to ramble after I've revealed my favorite colors of the season: Crimson Red and a beautiful Aubergine Purple. These colors are just as captivating as the very first snow fall or when the trees begin to color the streets with their fallen leaves. It's the only thing that seems to catch everyones attention and the city stops to stare. Take note: Aubergine and hot hot for Fall.
KORS Michael Kors Crimson Suede Slingback
PRADA Saffiano Leather double handle bag

Fashion's Night Out 2012 Schedule released!

It's time to start planning your Evening.
But don't forget to find a fabulous Fashion Night Out-fit!
Go to the Fashion's Night Out Website to see the official schedule of all your favorite designers/retailers to start planning the most fashionable night of the year. Well, until Fashion week comes, of course.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A very Marchesa (MOCK)Wedding

I think I caught the modern Bride gene disease!
I don't know what it is about this time of year that always gets me thinking about weddings. In all honesty, just the thought of getting married at this point in my life sends shivers down my spine and gives me anxiety that could surely cause some type of stroke. However, lately-against all my better judgment-the thought of finding the perfect, most fabulous wedding gown and coordinating bridesmaids dresses has been more appealing than ever! Now, maybe it's the dress part that excites me? God knows I would never turn down an opportunity to turn down a dress up session. But why wedding dresses? That can't be the only thing....Pinterest! Yes, Pinterest and the thousands upon thousands of brilliant wedding ideas and dress options. Never ending pins about weddings and bridal parties, blah, blah, blah. It consumes you, it really does!  
Another grand factor in my bridal gene disease is the reality that everyone around me is engaged. So happy for them but with all the talk about wedding planning and showers, my thoughts are all out-of-wack! Suddenly I find myself imagining what MY dress would look like IF I would ever chose to go down that path...woah okay, I'm stopping right there before I get too far ahead of myself.
Anyways! To all those fabulous ladies who are just like me but find themselves with a ring on their finger and want nothing less than a one of a kind, fabulous wedding, I have put together a 'wedding glamour guide' (relating strictly to the bridal party dresses. Any other advice should not come from me.)  I came up with 4 amazingly chic, luxurious and fashion-editorial-worthy wedding gown and bridesmaid dress combos. Not to my surprise, Marchesa was the leading contendor in my dress search for I truly believe that anything Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman touches turns to pure gold. No fairytale wedding is complete without a gorgeous Marchesa gown.
Through this bridal gene disease, I've realized that if I were to EVER get married it would be about as high-fashion and glamorous as fashion can get. Anna Wintour and all of WWD will be in the front pew! To each his own.

Having a contemporary wedding with a traditional vibe is like having Vodka on the rocks with a twist. The combination is beautiful, elegant, effortless and deadly. The pop of color in the bridesmaids dress is where the look breaks away from traditional and into high-fashion suave.

1. Wedding dress: Marchesa Bridal, Fall 2012
Bridesmaid dresses: Vera Wang, Fall RTW 2012


I love the idea of having long non-traditional bridesmaid dresses. The goal is not to take away from the bride, however why not make the whole wedding party look and feel fabulous and chic?! Think of the wedding photos...gorgeous.
2. Wedding dress: Marchesa Bridal, Fall 2012
Bridesmaid dresses:Vera Wang, Fall RTW 2012


**Absolute Fave**
Since weddings are not, and never have been, my thing I love the idea of going totally out-of-the-box and choose dresses as I would if I were styling for a Modern Bride Vogue Editorial shoot. The dress is out of this world and the bridesmaids will look fierce and fabulous in a dress that they could wear for a lifetime. This is a total ME wedding. I die.
3.Wedding dress: Marchesa, Resort 2013
Bridesmaid dresses: Balmain, Resort 2013


Having a fairy tale wedding is something every girl dreams of. Who doesn't want to look and feel like a princess on their special day?! My only thing is...if I were to have a wedding like that, the more glitz and glam the better. Mission accomplished...I'm in love with this combo!
4. Wedding dress: Marchesa, Bridal Spring 2013
Bridesmaid dresses: Marchesa, Spring 2012

Aaand last but certainly not leaset, to top it all off-
 The ultimate cinderella-esque wedding shoe:

Friday, August 3, 2012

Insta-life Rewind

 Three weeks of Instagram (KrystaRoseXo) summed up 
into fourteen of my favorite pictures.

The End

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obsessed: Accessories - Fall 2012

Here are some of my favorites of Fall 2012 Shoes from the one and only, my fashion bible,
With the divine combinations of furs, feathers, sleek cuts, metallics and modern textures you would be a fool not fall in love with this seasons highly coveted and most sought after styles.
Take a gander....Proceed with caution.

And finally, the shoe of all shoes. A shoe that could rule an entire kingdom.
One so perfect that I would trade my very own soul for....
Giambattista Valli 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Halfstack Magazine 2012 Summer Issue

Hello again, my fabulous followers-Check it out! My dear friend and Editor-in-ChiefJen Lezan (@ChicLezan), and her team at Chicago based Halfstack Magazine, has done it again. The Summer 2012 Issue of the magazine has released and it is a great summer read. From fashion and beauty to health and music, it covers all things Summer-anything and everything worth knowing. That's right, one step closer to enjoying all the little things Chicago and this boiling hot summer has to offer. 
Be sure to stop and read page 10 and 11 where you will find the Look for Less, done by yours truly, to help remind you that having great style does not necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune. Following trends and looking fabulous is totally attainable without the guilt of wiping your bank account clean. What's the trend covered in this issue? Hmm, I guess you'll have to read it to find out. ENJOY! xoxo

Style Tip: 
Great style is all about confidence. It's about wearing clothes that fit well and make you feel unstoppable. Whether it's a classic Chanel suit, a sequined Zara party dress or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt! It doesn't matter as long as you feel great - Confidence is sexy. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

My Life in New York

Inspirational Visual for the day: I came across this picture of these four fabulous Russian beauties at Paris Fall 2012 Fashion week (Harper's Bazaar) and thought "This will be me someday." I've become quite fond of this picture, to say the least. Obsessed is more accurate in terms of my feelings. They scream power...ladies and gentleman, introducing the new, real life, Sex and the City cast.

Some of you may have noticed I haven't posted since early May- my apologies, I've been graduating and making the big move from Chicago to New York. So, this is my effort to make things better...I'm finally making a comeback. Here is a small glimpse into my new world.  There was not more room left in my closet so I did a little 'compromization'. I've always wanted my dresses where I could see them and now, I will be able to, not only see them but, sleep right next to them! Crazy, I know. I'm nuts, but I love it! The only thing that is missing is my bed...yeah. You see that empty spot in the lower right hand corner? That's where my bed is suppose to go, but my bed is taking it's time. I've been sleeping on a little cot on the floor for the past four days. I am reminded of my childhood camping trips. No good will come of this. I'm hoping my bed comes tomorrow. So much for the glamorous life of a fashionista, eh? Oy vey..

Monday, May 14, 2012

(CC) Christine Centenera: Style Muse

Beautiful. Edgy. Dark. Sophisticated. Fan-f'ing-tastic. And the list goes on. Christine Centenera, Fashion Editor for Harpers Bazaar Australia and freelance stylist...why have I not been obsessing over her until now?!
This Australian beauty has a gravitational pull so strong that she has photographers and fashion lovers everywhere orbiting around her, drooling at every outfit she so effortlessly throws on.  Her eclectic, Carrie Bradshaw meets Anna Dello Russo, style evokes whimsical and modern day fantasies leaving young girls everywhere coveting not just her clothes, but her fabulous and mysterious life.
 One thing is certain, she makes the high-stress, not so glamorous job in the fashion industry look easy. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lust-worthy Summer Sandals: Can you Spot the Splurge?

Lust-worthy Summer Sandals: Can you Spot the Splurge?
Lust-worthy Summer Sandals: Can you Spot the Splurge? by krysta-hill featuring strappy sandals

This summer it's all about the strappy sandals. The outlandish designs and out-of-the-box accents: spikes, metals and 'the jelly' are in full bloom. It's not about the summer dresses anymore, it's about who is wearing the most lusted sandals of the season- The 'Lady Gaga' of footwear.

Currently I am channeling my inner sandal maniac and have been on the search for the perfect foot adornment. After reading Monday's 'Man Repeller' blog post about how women invest hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on a pair of high heeled shoes that get worn once or twice and then spend their lifetime hidden inside a box at the top of ones closet. It really hit home as I spend so much time shopping and 'investing' my money on heels (fabulous ones at that, of course) to wear them, when? I go to school full time and work a lot. For all the running around I do everyday I must be psychotic  to have purchased so many 4, 5, even 6 inch heels. Really. No wonder my sister thinks I'm a lunatic. When will you ever wear those? she asks. Well, I will wear them. Just not right now because I am now on the quest for the perfect pair of strappy sandals that will not only fashionably adorn my tired ole feet, but they will actually be useful to me in my current hectic lifestyle, which will then bring me a return on my 'investment.' Fantastic! I can feel my self getting smarter by the minute- my sister will be so proud.

So, on the contrary, I have selected some ahh-mazing shoe-gasmic strappy sandals all under $170! Mostly from Zara, Dolce Vita and Sam Edelman. Just for shits and giggles I threw in a tasty little splurge just because I couldn't help myself. When you're a poor college student on the verge of graduation, planning a big move to Manhattan from Chicago all you're left to do is fantasize about items much too expensive and luxurious for your bank account. Ahh yes, the ever so striking Alaia leather sandals. A whopping $2,110. No big deal...Dream on, Krysta. Which is your favorite. Please share! 

SPLURGE: Alaïa leather sandals - $2,110 -

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Man's Trash is another Lady's Treasure.

One gorgeous, sunny and cold afternoon-aka yesterday-I had nothing better to do but go thrift store shopping; let's be honest-nothing is better than thrift shopping. I found some great things that even I couldn't believe-all for the minuscule price of $25. Believe it-I don't lie when it comes to fashion. The key to thrift store shopping is to not be afraid to alter what you find. Example #1:
The yellow 'old lady' night gown turned into a fabulous pastel dress perfect for the summer. When I found it, the dress had white lace designs around the neck and white crocheted lace trimming. It was sad...I brought it back to life by removing all that lace and trimming and the results was a 'Louis Vuitton S/S 2012' looking pastel dress. Add a belt and WALLAH! A a masterpiece! 
Example #2: A hand embroidered XL black rayon dress shirt. I simply cut off the sleeves to create a perfect layering piece and saved the embroidered cuffs to add to my accessories collection to add as accents with other pieces of my wardrobe. 
Example #3: The pastel, 'old lady' floral blouse turned Equipment look a like (you can't tell the difference!); and yes, I enjoy wearing old lady clothing...HA! It's fabulous, what can I say. Pastels and floral prints are all the rage right now and I'm sure if you went to american apparel you would find the exact same blouse for 10x the price.
Example #4: The vintage tweed Ann Taylor skirt in a size 2 Petite turned perfect mermaid mini skirt. To what is suppose to fit below the knee on any petite young business woman, hits me- a 5'9.5" fashion junkie- at the middle of my thigh. Which is perfect! Sometimes people don't understand the fact that YOU make garments what they are, do with them as you will. They are never 'suppose' to fit any which way-size is just a number. To me, the skirt fits me like a glove-no stuffed sausage for me! 
Example #5: Ahhh, the favorite of the bunch: what I like to call the Fashion Week extraordinaire. Oh, what a treasure this was. Love at first sight. The floral print and the way it fit so perfectly was enough to send me into a fashion coma where I was one of those girls from the Herbal Essence commercials "YES!"  I'm sure if you've seen the Who What Wear's Trend Report from Tuesday: 3D folds are all the rage!! Did you notice what this vintage treasure is sporting just below the waist? Ah yes, 3D FOLDS!! It's very similar to something Mary Katrantzou sent down her F/W 2011 runway show, and I got it all for a mere $7.00-SEVEN AMERICAN DOLLARS. I think I have died and gone to runway heaven. 
Needless to say I had a successful thrifting experience. Other times I'm not so lucky. Not only did I find great apparel, I dug up some accessories from their vintage grave. The charming chocker necklace on the left and one piece I've been obsessing over since the first moment I laid eyes on it: A gold 'ROCK ON' bracelet. I've never seen something like this which is why I had to snatch it before someone, undeserving purchased it and buried it somewhere, never to be seen again. I'm not sure what it means, if there is a symbolic meaning to it or what not, I'm just going to see it as my inner rock child. My baby.

My old lady night gown makes a fabulous dress, dontcha think? Belt it for a casual lunch date or pair it with a gold necklace and some fancy shoes for a night out with the girls.
These make a great look for the office. Mixing and matching prints and textures will always give definition and character to your overall look.