About Me

Illustration of myself, created by yours truly.

I used to be a fashionista...had a passion for fashion, as they say. I use to roam the streets of New York City in my designer shoes, faux confidence and a mind that went 100mph. I lived and breathed my job, sacrificing myself for people who took everyone for granted, but as each day began to blur into the next I realized that life was slipping away. I was not living, only existing. I began to really question everything. I realized my entire life was revolved around scarves, shoes, handbags, clothes - while still nice and luxurious, those where material things that had no real value. I yearned for love- for a relationship that didn't revolve around selfishness and greed. A soul on soul relationship that did not measure it's love by power, or money or social status. A love that did NOT measure it's worth period, and had no limitations or conditions. I longed for a love so deep, it made my insecurities, bad habits, and barriers melt away. I believe in such love, always have and always will. 

I remember laying in bed one night thinking about my life and I suddenly realized that I had slowly lost myself. I realized that my eagerness for that deep love had vanished and everything around me had been swirling in a dizzy circle of confusion, self loathing and despair. My life had no value. I woke up everyday and pined over which celebrity wore what, I chose my outfits carefully in an effort to feel worthy enough for people who only cared for themselves, I worked sunrise until sundown every day of the week in an effort to feel loved and cared for, and I followed the leader thinking it would bring me happiness. My life had turned into an exact molding of everyone else. Trying to make it to the top. We were all the same...and that's when it hit me that we weren't actually looking for success, power, status and money. We were looking for the thing that we think all of those things will bring us. We want happiness, Love, peace and a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. It's so simple. We all want to be happy, we all want to fall in love and find our place in this world but we don't realize that trying to fit the perfect mold and becoming people we are not is only bringing us farther and farther away from finding that. I realized that the life I had worked so hard to build was coming to an end. It was suddenly nothing I wanted to be apart of anymore. It took awhile for me to find the courage to leave it all behind but eventually I peeled myself off the pitty train and found the strength to start over. 

Hi, my name is Krysta Rose Hill and I have a purpose in this world. I am a lover of life, of Mother Earth, Nature, Animals and human beings. I believe in love, in romance and in equality and compassion. I enjoy kindness, patience, friendly smiles and watching parents with their children. I believe in the sweetness of life, the simple pleasures: cooking delicious meals for the people you love, tasting divine flavors from around the world, breathing in the crisp cool air coming from the Fall breeze, letting the child in the elevator press all the buttons, meeting new people and having real, deep conversations with the people in your life. I believe that life is meant to be LIVED and I see so many people taking their life for granted. It breaks my heart. I am an enthusiast for love, for acceptance and for understanding the differences between one another and using them to better this world instead of tearing it apart. I am a Certified Life Coach and Energy Healer. I have now dedicated my life to others and I feel, for the first time since the beginning of this life that I'm finally LIVING. To be there for another human being and to help them through their ups and downs is truly, the most rewarding experience. I am proud of who I am, and I am on a mission to help heal the World, if it takes me my entire life...

I love all religions, races, ethnicities. I respect all opinions, good or bad, for nothing is either right or wrong, only different perspectives. I love the idea of being their for someone other than myself, even if its through a simple smile to a passerby, or picking up a pen that dropped from someones hand, giving that last lollipop to the child behind you, opening the door for the line of people coming in after you, sharing your food with the homeless man on the sidewalk, or giving something as simple as a compliment. I have found that, to truly experience love, you must first lose your Ego and expectation and allow everyone to be who they are. Love is everywhere, you see, it's just - your Ego and expectations are blocking you from seeing it.

Anyways, that's who I am and this is a place where I will share all my thoughts, adventures, passions, hobbies, interests, etc. My online journal, if you will. Not only is this blog for me, but for everyone and anyone who reads it. I want to have a place where people can feel free to talk about their feelings, express their emotions, talk about their dreams and passions and feel respected and loved. I love you and I honor you. Please feel free to share anything, ask anything, and I will do my best to answer. This is a place to spread the love!