Thursday, August 9, 2012

A very Marchesa (MOCK)Wedding

I think I caught the modern Bride gene disease!
I don't know what it is about this time of year that always gets me thinking about weddings. In all honesty, just the thought of getting married at this point in my life sends shivers down my spine and gives me anxiety that could surely cause some type of stroke. However, lately-against all my better judgment-the thought of finding the perfect, most fabulous wedding gown and coordinating bridesmaids dresses has been more appealing than ever! Now, maybe it's the dress part that excites me? God knows I would never turn down an opportunity to turn down a dress up session. But why wedding dresses? That can't be the only thing....Pinterest! Yes, Pinterest and the thousands upon thousands of brilliant wedding ideas and dress options. Never ending pins about weddings and bridal parties, blah, blah, blah. It consumes you, it really does!  
Another grand factor in my bridal gene disease is the reality that everyone around me is engaged. So happy for them but with all the talk about wedding planning and showers, my thoughts are all out-of-wack! Suddenly I find myself imagining what MY dress would look like IF I would ever chose to go down that path...woah okay, I'm stopping right there before I get too far ahead of myself.
Anyways! To all those fabulous ladies who are just like me but find themselves with a ring on their finger and want nothing less than a one of a kind, fabulous wedding, I have put together a 'wedding glamour guide' (relating strictly to the bridal party dresses. Any other advice should not come from me.)  I came up with 4 amazingly chic, luxurious and fashion-editorial-worthy wedding gown and bridesmaid dress combos. Not to my surprise, Marchesa was the leading contendor in my dress search for I truly believe that anything Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman touches turns to pure gold. No fairytale wedding is complete without a gorgeous Marchesa gown.
Through this bridal gene disease, I've realized that if I were to EVER get married it would be about as high-fashion and glamorous as fashion can get. Anna Wintour and all of WWD will be in the front pew! To each his own.

Having a contemporary wedding with a traditional vibe is like having Vodka on the rocks with a twist. The combination is beautiful, elegant, effortless and deadly. The pop of color in the bridesmaids dress is where the look breaks away from traditional and into high-fashion suave.

1. Wedding dress: Marchesa Bridal, Fall 2012
Bridesmaid dresses: Vera Wang, Fall RTW 2012


I love the idea of having long non-traditional bridesmaid dresses. The goal is not to take away from the bride, however why not make the whole wedding party look and feel fabulous and chic?! Think of the wedding photos...gorgeous.
2. Wedding dress: Marchesa Bridal, Fall 2012
Bridesmaid dresses:Vera Wang, Fall RTW 2012


**Absolute Fave**
Since weddings are not, and never have been, my thing I love the idea of going totally out-of-the-box and choose dresses as I would if I were styling for a Modern Bride Vogue Editorial shoot. The dress is out of this world and the bridesmaids will look fierce and fabulous in a dress that they could wear for a lifetime. This is a total ME wedding. I die.
3.Wedding dress: Marchesa, Resort 2013
Bridesmaid dresses: Balmain, Resort 2013


Having a fairy tale wedding is something every girl dreams of. Who doesn't want to look and feel like a princess on their special day?! My only thing is...if I were to have a wedding like that, the more glitz and glam the better. Mission accomplished...I'm in love with this combo!
4. Wedding dress: Marchesa, Bridal Spring 2013
Bridesmaid dresses: Marchesa, Spring 2012

Aaand last but certainly not leaset, to top it all off-
 The ultimate cinderella-esque wedding shoe:

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