Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stop, Shop and go broke with Alaïa

As much as I need and MUST stop shopping and make an effort to save money, it's hard to NOT justify spending money on a pair of marvelous suede black thigh high boots that are 65% off at the OUTNET. Did I mention they're Azzedine Alaïa and are only $915, down from $2,615!? Hello! It literally kills me with every bit of effort I put forward in order to prioritize my self control with self pleasure and luxurious desires. Not to mention I could rationalize a bit with a few justifications on my end. Let me count the ways.

1.)As summer starts to settle down, rain falls and soon the leaves will follow. Every fashionista knows that a pair of suede tall boots is a must in the city of New York. No matter the weather, one must adorn themselves in the most chicest way possible. 

2.)The boots will pay for themselves by the end of the winter! At $915 a pop, if I wore them everyday starting September 1st, by the end of the year they would be paid off. Ha try telling that to my mom when I tell her I bought a pair of shoes instead of paying for rent.

3.) Last but certainly not least: Alaia is a God-one that any dedicated fashionista would sacrifice their life savings for, am I right? 

Nevertheless when it comes down to it, I'm still young and support myself so unless I want to go broke and live in these gorgeous pair of thigh boots for the rest of my life, paying rent wins by common sense. Do you see what fashion can do to ones moral obligations? I love it. Now someone please hurry up and buy them before I give away my card number and sign my life away to the thought of the black suede hugging my legs. My feet are becoming quite lonely. Boo. Well, 'sigh' At least I know someone will be enjoying their company. xoxo

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