Monday, August 13, 2012

(CC) Color Coveting: Crimson Red

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Walking around New York City without a purpose in a fabulous pair of heels is about as impractical as wearing your new aubergine bedazzled Prada bag to the gym. However, we do it, over and over again. Why? Because we like to feel beautiful and fabulous no matter what time of day or occasion it may be. I for one would give own arm for a pair of Christian Louboutins or the newest, trendiest handbags straight from the runway! I don't give a hoot if anyone objects to this public display of Glamour-it's not a crime. Some would argue that there should be a law that require people to follow the parisian way of living: Everyday is dress up day. Where going for a single cup of coffee with girlfriends is reason enough to put on a cocktail dress, diamonds and a crystalized pair of stilettos. Case in point (see photo below). 
Anja Rubik in Toutes Jambes editorial by Terry Richardson
Anyways, there is plenty of time to ramble after I've revealed my favorite colors of the season: Crimson Red and a beautiful Aubergine Purple. These colors are just as captivating as the very first snow fall or when the trees begin to color the streets with their fallen leaves. It's the only thing that seems to catch everyones attention and the city stops to stare. Take note: Aubergine and hot hot for Fall.
KORS Michael Kors Crimson Suede Slingback
PRADA Saffiano Leather double handle bag

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