Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Man's Trash is another Lady's Treasure.

One gorgeous, sunny and cold afternoon-aka yesterday-I had nothing better to do but go thrift store shopping; let's be honest-nothing is better than thrift shopping. I found some great things that even I couldn't believe-all for the minuscule price of $25. Believe it-I don't lie when it comes to fashion. The key to thrift store shopping is to not be afraid to alter what you find. Example #1:
The yellow 'old lady' night gown turned into a fabulous pastel dress perfect for the summer. When I found it, the dress had white lace designs around the neck and white crocheted lace trimming. It was sad...I brought it back to life by removing all that lace and trimming and the results was a 'Louis Vuitton S/S 2012' looking pastel dress. Add a belt and WALLAH! A a masterpiece! 
Example #2: A hand embroidered XL black rayon dress shirt. I simply cut off the sleeves to create a perfect layering piece and saved the embroidered cuffs to add to my accessories collection to add as accents with other pieces of my wardrobe. 
Example #3: The pastel, 'old lady' floral blouse turned Equipment look a like (you can't tell the difference!); and yes, I enjoy wearing old lady clothing...HA! It's fabulous, what can I say. Pastels and floral prints are all the rage right now and I'm sure if you went to american apparel you would find the exact same blouse for 10x the price.
Example #4: The vintage tweed Ann Taylor skirt in a size 2 Petite turned perfect mermaid mini skirt. To what is suppose to fit below the knee on any petite young business woman, hits me- a 5'9.5" fashion junkie- at the middle of my thigh. Which is perfect! Sometimes people don't understand the fact that YOU make garments what they are, do with them as you will. They are never 'suppose' to fit any which way-size is just a number. To me, the skirt fits me like a glove-no stuffed sausage for me! 
Example #5: Ahhh, the favorite of the bunch: what I like to call the Fashion Week extraordinaire. Oh, what a treasure this was. Love at first sight. The floral print and the way it fit so perfectly was enough to send me into a fashion coma where I was one of those girls from the Herbal Essence commercials "YES!"  I'm sure if you've seen the Who What Wear's Trend Report from Tuesday: 3D folds are all the rage!! Did you notice what this vintage treasure is sporting just below the waist? Ah yes, 3D FOLDS!! It's very similar to something Mary Katrantzou sent down her F/W 2011 runway show, and I got it all for a mere $7.00-SEVEN AMERICAN DOLLARS. I think I have died and gone to runway heaven. 
Needless to say I had a successful thrifting experience. Other times I'm not so lucky. Not only did I find great apparel, I dug up some accessories from their vintage grave. The charming chocker necklace on the left and one piece I've been obsessing over since the first moment I laid eyes on it: A gold 'ROCK ON' bracelet. I've never seen something like this which is why I had to snatch it before someone, undeserving purchased it and buried it somewhere, never to be seen again. I'm not sure what it means, if there is a symbolic meaning to it or what not, I'm just going to see it as my inner rock child. My baby.

My old lady night gown makes a fabulous dress, dontcha think? Belt it for a casual lunch date or pair it with a gold necklace and some fancy shoes for a night out with the girls.
These make a great look for the office. Mixing and matching prints and textures will always give definition and character to your overall look.

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