Saturday, January 8, 2011

Closet Diaries +Snow

Snow won't stop me...
Yesterday it snowed pretty hard in New York. It was so cold but so, so beautiful! I layered it up and made sure to wear my Michael Kors rain boots. Fabuloso. I wore my Liz Claiborne, down puffer coat- I belted with a simple black studded belt. It gave me a waist as well as it added something extra to the outfit. Love- American Apparel leggings and these chic black studded gloves that went perfectly with my studded belt, not to mention they are very warm. We went to the New York Public Library and experienced the history and the set of the first Sex and the City movie.
After the library we took a trip to the MET which I absolutely LOVED. I really enjoyed my Art History class, so to see it all in person was spectacular! I didn't take many pictures, so sorry, I felt taking pictures would take away from the experience. <3


  1. LOVE those gloves! Where are they from? Hope your having a great time :)

  2. I know aren't they so hott!! They're from Kohl's, believe it or not, only $23
    <3 you Sammy!