Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emma Watson in Marie Claire.

New Purchases!
Purchase #1: Marie Claire , of course, one of my favorite magazines and look how stunning Emma Watson looks on the cover with her cute pixie cut. She wears it well, Gorgeous!
I enjoyed reading about Emma in this issue. She is only 21 years old and has this undeniable power to make things happen for herself.  She knows what she wants and doesn't stop, won't give up, until she gets it.  As a young, down-to-earth, and extremely intelligent young woman she has the world at her footstep and can do whatever she wants and finishing college at Brown University is at the top of her list. 
Marie Claire took their readers inside her world for a few moments and allowed them to see her for who she is: A young woman with integrity, with goals, dreams and aspirations. She's a woman, just like us, who is simply just trying to find her way through life, be happy, and ultimately do what she loves. She's a fantastic role model for young girls. Shes proves that with hard work, passion and dedication anything is possible.
You must pick up this months issue of Marie Claire. The stories are uplifting and inspiring, the advice is
encouraging and the pictures are wonderful. It's everything a woman could want in a magazine. I promise you, you won't regret it... you will love it!

 Those killer, super chic J-Lissimo Christian Louboutin heels. So sexy.

 A reminiscence of Twiggy! So cute
Goodness, look at those legs, they are amazing. Not too skinny, they're toned to perfection.

 Purchase #2: drum roll please...

Michael Kors City Rain Boots They're perfect for those rainy days in April as well as for the Snowy days in December. Especially in the city of Chicago, there is alot of snow and I always hate when my Uggs or leather boots get ruined from having to shovel or walking in the snow. These boots will be perfect and will save me alot of time from having to clean my boots after every snowy day. Love them, absolutelyl fabulous!


  1. i love her short hair
    and i totally agree, the chicago snow always ruin my boots so good buy lol

  2. These pictures of her are so cool, love the accessories!
    I want those boots ;)