Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Today you should have fun with your wardrobe-dress like a star, literally...stars and stripes. My mom and I went shopping for the whole day yesterday-doing some retail therapy, something ALL women should do!-and, although it's not very red, white and blue, I picked out a cute birthday dress and splurged on a new pair of fabulous shoes! Every girl LOVES a new pair of shoes
Today is the day we celebrate the birthday of America, the land of freedom and liberty. More importantly, its my 20th birthday- that's right, I'm an Independence day baby- I'm finally no longer considered a teenager, and thank god for that because I haven't felt like a teenager since...well, forever! I've always felt like an old soul trapped inside a girls body and as I get older I feel more and more at home...more like myself.

The necklace is so freaking gorgeous, I fell in love with it-just like the shoes-so I had to steal it from my mom for the day. The shoes are Franco Sarto, love them, and the dress is from Tj Maxx, "Girl Talk" is what it says on the tag. Towards the end of the night I wanted to change mix it up and create a new outfit.
I added a studded skinny belt to define my waistline and removed the necklace. By removing one thing and simply adding something else this a whole new outfit was created. The studded belt adds an edge wich makes it perfect for a night out, whereas the first outfit with the chunky beads is more for the daytime. It's so easy and oh so fun.
By the way: Do you see my Team Edward shirt hanging over the chair!? hehe best birthday present ever! Okay, well, I hope your holiday was as amazing as mine! My sister baked me this American flag cookie cake, just like every other year. It's become a tradition. Ta-ta for now

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