Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Closet Diaries

The "it's time for class" look
Summer is over and this week is the first week back at school. Today I felt like dressing up but I wanted to be comfortable...I didn't want to just wear shorts and a t-shirt-which I never like doing no matter where I go or what I do-so I wore a casual pencil skirt dress from Forever 21 that has the tank top attached (so efficient, I love that!) and I threw on a cute buffalo plaid button up that I got at Walmart for $5! Don't judge me please, I'm all about finding the deals, it makes purchasing it so much more exciting, especially when your a college student trying to save up for the much anticipated trip to NYC baby...Hell yes! Anyways back to my outfit, I think the outfit would have looked better if I added a skinny belt around the waist but I wanted it to be comfy and simple so putting on my "Have a Heart" Necklace I got when I met Lauren Conrad (in previous post: Today I...) and threw on these cute City Street Slouch Boots I recently bought from Forever 21! Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait...the layers and furs and boots and jackets and scarves and sweaters and hats and pants and fashion week, it's my favorite season. Don't remind me about winter though, I really don't like the cold.

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