Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alexa Chung New Face of Lacoste Perfume?

That's right!!  In fact, she is the first celebrity to be the face of Lacoste's perfumes and it's no suprise- TV host, model, DJ, and my favorite British “It girl” parallel to Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn- She not only gets the model look of effortless style down pat, but she also has a bubbly personality which got her her own MTV show (It's On with Alexa Chung)....she's
so charismatic! The brand said:

" She perfectly encapsulates the brand's youthful, modern
image: stylish and vivacious with a free-spirited aura".  
Alexa's style has made its mark on the fashion industry, as she is now a style icon to trend followers around the world!  She makes fashion look chic and fun yet easy and comfortable, without seeming to have to try too hard, and now she is taking on the Beauty world with her perpetual aura and powerful intrigue.  

"I’m very flattered that Lacoste invited me to model
 for its new female fragrance. I’ve always liked Lacoste’s
casual chic image, so I’m excited to be representing
the brand in this new campaign.” said Chung.
I love her and can never get bored with her enviable choices when it comes to clothes. She mixes high end-such as Chanel, Miu Miu, Chloe, YSL- with low end fashions-Top Shop, H&M, Urban Outfitters-and always has a Vintage piece to top off her look.  I love how her style changes from classic to vintage to casual to an Urban feel, yet she always stays true to her own distinct style. The style that you can't quite put your finger on but you know it when you see it. All I know is that I thank and adore her for bringing the European essence to American fashion!
In Chanel Haute Couture

Vintage inspired dress

In Louis Vuitton
In Brocade shorts and sheet t-shirt
Cutoffs with laced cardigan topped
with a military button down.

I Heart Alexa Chung <3

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