Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Her second novel of her L.A. Candy Series, Sweet Little Lies, recently came out so she came to DePaul University, in Chicago, for her book tour; She is the cutest little thing, gorgeous! And I loved her dress (I wish I knew where it's from). Along with her book, she was there to promote m.powerment by:mark. A fabulous campaign committed to helping educate and empower women and bring an end to domestic violence.
While we were there my friends and I all purchased a "Have a Heart" Necklace! The necklace is available in silver or gold-I chose gold, of course-and they're, oh so, cute. The best part is: 100% of the proceeds went to supporting this amazing cause; helping to empower those in abusive relationships.  Want to help support, in style, too? You can purchase a necklace, for only $22.00. If you want to make a smaller donation there is also a fabulous bracelet for only $12. You can make your donation through the mark website, or through a mark representative near you. It's as easy as 1.2.3 and don't could make a great gift as well!
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to start reading Sweet Little Lies. While I was going through I rough patch in my life I read her first book, LA Candy, I related with it so much, it helped to know that someone went through the same thing; friendship and betrayal..i absolutely loved it so I'm excited to see what drama the next book unfolds.
Want the books? LA Candy Sweet Little Lies

*And for those of you who noticed my outfit...yes, I am obsessed with my leopard fur coat. Who wouldn't be?! :)

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