Thursday, February 11, 2010

R.I.P Alexander McQueen

Founder and Designer for the Alexander McQueen brand

We have lost a fashion genius! A designer that continuously shocked and satisfied the fashion world with such erratic and outlandish creativity. One of the most inspiring, and one of my personal FAVORITE, fashion designers in the world died at his peak! LEE ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, a name that will never be forgotten in the history of fashion. He was amazing, one of a kind and his loss will, no doubt, leave a scar on the limits being presented in the apparel industry.
I always say how taking risks in fashion is a good thing. Alexander McQueen was a man who was NEVER afraid to take risks, NEVER took his self too seriously and just had fun with his passion for designing clothes and making it into art. He created AMAZING, fabulous garments that shocked the world; he was never afriad and look how successful he is, and will forever be. His erraticaly popular avant-guarde look was his signature and it's so sad to know that the mastermind behind it all is no longer with us. You never realize how truly amazing someone is, or appreciate them fully, until their gone.

He was just..Amazing. Out of control amazing, No words can describe his work better.

xoxo <3 Krysta Rose

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