Monday, February 22, 2010

Suprise Suprise

Unlock My Heart Necklace
Forever 21 - $4.80
So I was at work yesterday opening accessorie boxes, and loving it, as usual when I came across a necklace that I immediately fell in love with. A silver metal necklace featuring a charm with a silhouette of a kissing couple holding hands. Accompanying them is a heart charm with the phrase, and my favorite part of the necklace: "He Who Holds The Key Can Unlock My Heart." The heart comes with a matching key that fits perfectly into the key shape cut out of the heart.
I've been really into watching romantic movies with strong, emotional love stories, and I cant help but adore this.  There is so much more behind it than just a pendant on a metal chain and thats what is so special about it! Besides my "Krysta" necklace, this is another one of my favorites.

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