Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obsession with:

The Beach Cruiser! 
Women's 24-inch Mint Green Beach Cruiser

Helping the Enviornment one step at a time
Celebrities love their Beach Cruisers
Model Lily Cole  
 Anna Paquin
Harrison Ford
Jessica Alba
Miley Cyrus
Kate Hudson

I also love the Vanilla color, it's darling! You can never go wrong
with an all black bicycle either-just incase you were
thinking of giving this as a gift for someones birthday.
Just saying ;)
Don't forget to add a basket either! 
It adds a vintage urban feel and look to it and is absolutley
adorable and functional.  Where else are you gonna put your purse or
groceries when you decide to ride your bike to the store
instead wasting gas by taking your car?
The beach cruiser is one of many on my never
ending 'want'- wait, no -my 'need' list.
My pulse is starting to race just thinking about it! <3


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  6. Certain parts of a cruiser will rust if left out in wet conditions, especially the chain, and if the chain rusts you cruiser will not ride as smooth as it shbike parts

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