Friday, June 25, 2010

NYC Study Trip 2010

My school has finally impressed me to my witts end. I am extremely excited I can't even keep myself still. With extrordiary amount of pressure and constantly bugging the fashion program to provide a school trip to NYC and they did!!!! For those of you who know me, know how amazing this is and how much I am looking forward to it. Not only will it am amazing time with friends, in the city where I belong, but it's a wonderful opportunity to network and experience the fashion industry first hand; a little sneek peek. So far, the trip includes:

  • Kohl’s NCY design offices (and possibly meeting Vera Wang)

  • Trend presentation from Trend Union

  • Tour of Design Works International (a textile design firm)

  • FIT’s fashion exhibit

  • Tour of American Eagle Outfitters

  • Tour of Emmelle Design and Showroom

  • Tour of Jonevon Furs (one of the only furriers still making garments in NYC)

  • One Museum admission (TBA)

  • Fabric Shopping

  • Insider scoop on sample sales

  • Other cool stuff that I’m waiting to hear back from (including a tour of WWD offices!)
Until further notice I will begin packing and start saving money so I can explore and soak up every ounce of New York that I can come September. *sigh* My heart feels happy...finally....Anyways! I havent had internet since the move last weekend, and I won't be getting it until monday-thank god for free Wi-Fi at Panera- so don't be pissed at me for being absent this past week, I haven't forgotten you, my blog lovers. :) I must admit though, it's been very relaxing without the internet, I enjoyed it. Okay gotta run, it's a beautiful day outside, and I'm riding my bike, I don't wanna waste it away sitting in a coffee shop, consumed in my computer screen. Until monday, tusche!

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