Sunday, June 6, 2010

If the shoe fits...

I had a great and productive day at work today. There wasn't enough shoes to cover the whole wall with heels so I had to compromise and use my creativity to merchindise the shoe wall. I know it's kind of hard to see because I had to take the picture very fast with my phone before any customers walked past (as you can see they already started tearing apart the sandals on the wall). If I would have pushed the lower table to the left more, you could see the bigger table better. This section is kind of split into two themes/sections;the upper table has a more boutique-ish look; the sequined oxford shoes that are hanging on a fixture, on the lower table, is blocking the view-sorry! The wall part of this section is very summery, dedicated to sandals and beach type totes. Again, you can't really see the wall but on the bottom right there are baskets, laid on their sides, filled with canvas shoes. Inbetween them is an off white tote.

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