Thursday, June 17, 2010

Impressionist Board

         At my school, there are several different organizations that students can join to get more involved in school, and its a great resume builder. Each organization has a board in the school that serves as an advertising opportunity and get students familiar.  Anyways, I'm editor for The Impressionist, my school newspaperand one of the organizations my school provides- and it our board was looking dull, simple, and plain old boring! It was time to do something about it, time to revamp the impressionist and get people to want to submit their work, and join in on the fun! I had so much fun doing it-any excuse to be creative-and so far everyone loves it. Just by making our board more informative and visually appealing more people have come up to me telling me they had no idea we had a school newspaper and asking how they can get involved. SCORE! that was the whole point!! yayy!  Not only that but I got an email from the Dean, Michael Lango, telling me how much he loved the board and how excited he is to see what more I'm capable of. So much time, especially during finals week, went into that board, that email made my day! I'm so proud of it
**(The background is a bunch of magazine, full page, articles I ripped out of magazines. I thought it would be perfect seeing as it's for a newspaper.  Dr. Anonymous was drawn by an animation major, Sam Culter, a good friend of mine-he is so talented!)

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