Friday, June 11, 2010

My new leopard shoes!

Look at my amazing find today! my first pair of leopard ankle boots that I am absolutely in love with and haven't taken off since this afternoon. :) Leopard print is a staple to any wardrobe and can make any outfit sizzle with style.  Adding, just a touch of, leopard can turn a simple,plain jane, outfit to a chic and sophisticated look.  But, you can very easily over do it when you wear too much. Wearing a leopard coat with a leopard scarf, a leopard purse and leopard shoes is a no-no and can turn into an utter disaster. Adding just a pinch and, no doubt, you will be as fierce as a cat-pun intended.
The funny thing about this picture is that Jessica Szohr was my
cheerleading coach in highschool...she's rocking out those leopard wedges!
Alexa Chung in a leopard coat
Me, in my leopard coat, as seen in earlier posts.

On another note, here are some books that I could
 NOT put down, while doing a little shopping at Urban outfitters.
 Sex and the City 2*, of course! This book breaks down every single outfit that was worn in the movie and tells us who wore it and who it's by. It also provides stills of the movie and behind the scene pictures! The next book is Other peoples Love Letters* and one of my personal favorite books of all time...well, it's not actually a book per-say than a collection of love letters, from real people, that were never actually sent-instead it was sent to the book. It's sort of like the Post Secret books*, which I'm sure most of you have heard of. It's a brillant concept and I encourage you to go to Barnes and Noble or Borders-any bookstore-and pick up a copy of either one of these books.  Other Peoples Love Letters is proof that romance is not yet dead, only hidden. People are afraid of rejection, following their head while their heart is screaming to be heard.  Every single one of those letters gives you something to think about, it's weird, it's almost as if they give you the courage and the strength to let your heart take the lead and tell that one person you love them, no matter what the outcome.
*I gave you the link to Barnes and Noble because it's alot cheaper
than if you ordered it from Urban Outfitters. Just trying to help.
My black diamond, because I like to think of myself
as a Carrie Bradshaw...what do you think? me likey!


  1. hey where did you find your leopard boots?
    love them!

  2. I got them at a vintage shop. I'm thinking about selling mine if you want them :)