Saturday, June 12, 2010

My day as Patricia Field

I had a lovely suprise thrown at me today during work when I was recommended, by a fellow employee, to a costumer who needed help picking out an outfit for a "Sex and the City" themed party she's attending tonight. I was so excited and quickly got to work...I wanted to replicate an outfit that Carrie had worn in Sex and the City 2.  One that was chic and dressy but casual enough so that my customer would be able to wear after the party to mix and match each piece to create different outfits. 
The first outfit that came to mind was when Carrie visited her old apartment: A baggy taupe, pastel gray, tunic shirt over an alined army green loose pleated skirt paired with amazing white pumps and a black tassel necklace. Here is what I found:
Sprinkled knit Top (in a Large)- $17.80
over an army green Tulle tutu Skirt- $17.80

I chose these boots instead of the white pumps because she wanted it to be alittle more dressy for the party. I got inspired by these sexy ankle boots because they look like the, to die for, fabulous Louboutins that Carrie wore with her Dior Newsprint dress in the SATC Sequel.  I loved being able to created a Carrie outfit that my customer was very comfortable with-being comfortable in clothes is key to making it look good. Without it, even though it may look great, if you don't feel sexy and confident, it shows and can ruin the outfit! She wanted some kind of jewlery but adding a necklace would be too much in addition to the glitter around the neckline of the shirt soo, I chose a ring that I just put out earlier in the day, one of my personal favorites:
Sometimes less is more- this ring was the finishing touch to the Sex and the City inspired outfit, created entirely out of clothes found at Forever 21. I had so much fun helping her pick out an outfit and the best part is that she felt very comfotable in it and when she was trying it on her confidence filled the room, it made me feel so good. She will forever be on my best dressed list and tonight will be the talk of the party. Another great day at work!

One of my favorite outfits Carrie wore, Season 4.  This is the episode when
she left Aiden's country home to have diner with Big in the city. 
At dinner, Big told her he was having heart surgery and this picture is of
Carrie walking home from that dinner, hurt, scared and anxious. Patricia
Field is a fashion genius! I'm dieing over that skirt..just fabulous!

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