Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Closet Diaries

McQueen Me Please

Today I wore a tie dyed dress that I found at a little vintage boutique in Milwaukee, WI. I love it because it reminds me of an earlier Alexander McQueen, am I right? I kept the accessories simple -the print of the dress is so beutiful and overpowering it needs to stand alone- with a David Yurman classic cable bracelet that I also found at a vintage shop [It was hiding way in the back of all the bracelets; no one thinks to look there, so I did, and I scored! I was, and still am, so excited!!] and black ankle boots that I got from Walmart, believe it or not..only $15.  They are simple and classic and chic and so fabulous that no one should care where they're from! Oh and I almost forgot, I belted it with a skiny studded belt to add a waist line to the otherwise loose dress that fits like a potato sack.

I can't let you go without showing you this lovely bracelet I got from Forever 21. I adore the vintage appeal it has, I can easily say I found it at a thrift shop..but I won't.
When I opened the box, these were laying on top and Amanda [another visual] and I did a double take and started freaking out. We purchased them right away, naturally.

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