Saturday, April 10, 2010

A girl can only dream for so long

City lights skyline
New York City Hall Park Fountian 
Historical Statue of Liberty
The beautiful Times Square
Central Park; Bow Bridge
Streets of New York City <3
Since the very first time my mom and I saw and experienced the city I immediately fell in love with it.  Since then I've been waiting for the day I can pack up all my belongings and start my life; New York is where my heart is, it's where I belong.  The city that keeps on going, never sleeps, who couldn't love it? The crowds, the fashions, the people, the lights, buildings, the intricate art and history behind it's beauty and culture-you can't ever get bored- it's utterly amazing!
Now, more than ever, this overwhelming desire to be there is hard to deal's all I want and what kills me is knowing that it wont happen for another couple of years.  My Aunt sends me subscribtions to New Yorks one and only, "New York Magazine" and I love it; it  keeps me in touch with everything that is going on in the city that never sleeps: Recent news, upcoming events, the seasons new trends and fashions, the best places to eat, new art galleries and exhibits, up and coming people, it's everything New York, and it's the closest I can get..for now. I can tell you now though, I wont be dreaming forever.

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