Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Everyone is putting emphasis on today, why? I dont know. I feel as though EVERYDAY is earthday and we should treat the Earth with respect EVERYDAY. Just one day is not enough. Today is offically Earth day so for those of you who don't celebrate it everyday, try to today. Ride your bike to work, recycle your plastic, paper, glass and keep the lights off during the day. Together we can save the future and make the world a better place.
There are so many small things you can do that can make a difference. Here are some tips to going green


    • Put a container for recycables beside your trash.

    • Re-use your notebooks after every class until all the papers are used up-then recycle it! ;)

    • Reuse your plastic water bottles.

    • Buy items that are made of recycled products.

  2. Use reusable grocery and shopping bags.

  3. Walk or ride your bike.

    • A great added benefit: A tight ass and lean, sexy legs! :)

  4. Use public transportation for long trips

  5. Pay your bills online.

    • Don't write checks.

    • Email instead of sending letters.

  6. Use energy efficient light bulbs

  7. Unplug Appliances

  8. Use cold water whenever possible when washing your clothes and air dry your clothes!
  9. Reduce your use of water
    • Shut off the water when your brushing your teeth
    • Take shorter showers
      • shut off the water while shaving your legs or lathering your body with soap
    • Use a low-flow shower head
    • Don't waste water on watering your front lawn.
  10. Opt for clothing made out of organic or natural fibers.
  11. Shop at thrift stores!
    • Goodwill/Salvation Army (you can always find something amazing).
    • Milwaukee Ave in Wickerpark (Chicago) has so many thrift stores (It's like being a kid in a candy store).
    • Urban Renewal by: Urban Outfitters
  12. Plant a tree!
  13. Be creative!

Check out the cite below for even more tips on what you can do to help.

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