Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oscars going vintage?

So, you are all well aware of my recent love for vintage fashion. WELL, In honor of the 2010 Oscars I found a dress that I would wear to the Oscars if I were invited: I am in love with this's perfect!

1950's Vintage Royal-Purple Couture Hourglass Evening/Party Dress
Of course I would change it up a bit, make the dress longer, have the sequins go down to the knees to create dramatic fishtail hemline (it's more academy awards appropriate).  The neckline will then be altered to one of two options: a sweetheart-shaped strappless bodice, or a deeper V bodice. The color is just mezmorizing, it would look so good on the red carpet; contrasting colors, I would for sure be a showstopper :)

If you aren't aware of what a fishtail hemline is here is a picture of a random dress with a dramatic fishtail: what I would love to see on my vintage blue Oscar gown.

Some more fabulous vintage clothes

Well, apparently I like the color blue...
let's just be honest, the color is GORGEOUS!!

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