Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CHANEL inspired vintage bag

I'm Beyond OBSESSED!
This purse is my ultimate heartbreaker! I am in love with Chanel's quilted chain bag. Since I can't afford the real thing I have been looking for one inspired by it. Recently I've been surfing the internet looking at vintage handbags, vintage clothing, and vintage accessories and i found this fabulous bag for only $34.00!! I love the idea of it being a one of a kind! The rustic, authentic peices have a story behind it that is so far past my years...this bag is timeless. The faults are what make it so perfect...see why I'm obsessed?! It is worth every penny but I can't bring myself to spend the money; I'm a broke college kid..I will have to settle with admiring it's beauty from the freaking computer screen! I'm heart broken...

Find more vintage bags here (WARNING: This site is addicting)

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