Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NYC Style Swiss Oatmeal

If I wasn't so enthralled by clothing or captivated by the new collections that float down the runway each season I would want to be a culinary student. I love to cook, bake, grill, anything with preparing dishes that are healthy, great fuel for our bodies and of course low on anything the body doesn't need a lot of: saturated fats, salt, sugar, cholesterol.  I even try to make it low in calories, fat and carbs- why not!? I think everyone would agree that that is an added plus when it comes to good food.
Anyways, I spent a few days at home relaxing once I got back from New York, re-cooperating my spirit after the heart break that was so painful after leaving the fast paced, beautiful city- the love of my life (yes, I am that devastated,  through no control of my own which makes it even worse). My sister who just got back from a year long internship as a nutritionist was also staying at home while she studied to take her RD test to become a Registered Dietician (she's amazing and so passionate about food, it's contagious!). Whenever we are together we talk about food, nutrition, which foods are best for which dishes and what things we can substitute to make a baked good less fattening, etc. It's so much fun!!
I've learned so much from her and have picked up a few tricks from the cooks at Hearst Corporation as well as from around New York City that I've combined all my retained knowledge and came up with a few recipes. They're so delicious that I felt selfish not sharing with you guys, especially because these recipes are actually good for you! Of course, to make myself feel better, the names of each recipe has New York in the title. :)
Enjoy, and if you try them, let me know what you think!
Swiss Oatmeal: High in protein and fiber and helps lower Cholesterol.
This recipe is modified to be low fat, low sugar and dairy free.
**Made this myself :)**
7 Minutes - Overnight preparation for best results.

- To help with portion control, prepare in a 16oz plastic cup
     1/2 cup - Dry, Old Fashioned, Oatmeal
     1/4 cup - Silk Live! Soy Vanilla Yogurt 
                       If you are not concerned with it being dairy free Plain or Vanilla NonFat Greek
                      yogurt (Oikos) works great (it has less fat and is packed with good proteins).
     2/3 Cup - Almond Milk/Soy Milk (depends on your preference)
     1/4 Cup- Chopped Pecans
     2/3 Cup- Dried Cranberries
     1 Tblsp - Organic Honey
     Fresh Strawberries
     Fresh Blueberries

1- Add oatmeal, milk and yogurt to the cup and mix together. Let sit for 5 minutes.
2- Add pecans and cranberries to the cup and mix together.
3- Drizzle Honey to the top of the mix and mix together evenly one more time.
4- Let the mix sit in the fridge while you cut the strawberries into fine cubes. Then add the cut strawberries and blue berries into the cup. Feel free to add any other desired ingredients such as: bananas, apples, walnuts, other dried fruits, All Bran cereal, etc. 
5- Mix all together, add more milk for a thinner texture, and enjoy!
**For best results, prepare before you go to bed and let sit over night in the fridge. When you wake up the oatmeal will be perfect and you won't have to worry about making breakfast. :)'s FANTASTIC with a sugar-free Hazelnut Soy Latte! Trust me.

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