Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby you're a FIREWORK

Julie Dillon dress, Martinez Valero pumps, Michael Kors 
watch and a Forever 21 silver braided headband worn as a belt.
Photo credit to my lovely and talented sister and photographer: Ms. Zenita Hill

I always love the 4th of July. It's a day to commemorate the Independence of our country and most importantly to day spent celebrating my birthday- my 21st birthday to be exact. Yes, that is right, I am now a full on adult.  I'm still not sure what the big hype is all about about the big TWO-ONE..I dont feel any different and my age has certainly never stopped me from [safely] enjoying a cocktail before today, but whatever, the show must go on. 
Although I didn't feel all grown up, that didn't stop me from doing what I do! I found myself a fabulous new "I'm all grown up" dress- a silky hammered charmeuse crewneck dress styled with short sleeves, a draped, pleated bodice and a pleated wrap-style skirt- and a pair of gorgeous heels that shout "Look at me, I'm fabulous" with each step. Yay! I think every girl will agree-any excuse to buy a new pair of shoes, and when they make you feel sexy, it's even better. 
What do you think? Aren't those shoes are to die for?! My grandma loved them :)
I'm obsessed with color blocking which is always a bold fashion move but also very on trend; I love it- and you know the name of fashion, I will do anything
Happy Birthday to mee

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