Friday, June 3, 2011

Brooklyn Flea Market

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday in New York. A friend of mine invited me to ride his motorcycle to the Brooklyn Flea market. It was a lot of fun, especially being on the motorcycle- I experienced New York in a whole new way - it was amazing but I won't lie I was screaming in my helmet the whole time. It was amazing but totally frightening. I just couldn't fight the feeling that I was going to somehow do something stupid--which is highly likely knowing me and my luck--and cause us to loose balance of the bike and fall in the middle of the Brooklyn bridge. I guess motorcycles aren't my thing.
Anyways, the flea market was incredible and had a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline. While I was there I was inspired by all the accessory stands. So many eclectic colors and vintage designs, I was enthralled by it all! Loved it!

My favorite! Vintage pearl collars.

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