Friday, August 12, 2011

In a Galaxy far, far Away...

Photos taken by my lovely, talented and slightly stupid (haha jk I love you) sister and photographer Zenita Hill
I'm wearing one of my favorite tops from Nordstrom over an H&M blue pleated skirt with my new, wooden platform heels from Nine West. My accessories consist of my favorites: Michael Kors Rose-gold runway watch; Michael Kors gold oversized studded leather bracelet; a gold studded leather bracelet I found in New York City; A couple bracelets from Forever 21; a brushed gold ring with red stones that was a gift while I was working for Marie Claire. 
This is one of my favorites! All the layers and lines, different patterns and fabrics- it's one of those outfits you can't take your eyes off of. My sister is taking a physics course and I've been forced to watch all these incredible movies that tie into the laws of space, the universe and other galaxies. To be honest, it inspired me to create an outfit using these ideas-hence the title. Anyways, I gotta run-Michael Kors is calling my name.

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