Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Ritz and Fabulous

Laura Fantacci

The stylish and talented Laura Fantacci, contributing fashion editor at Red Magazine, the author of the style diary/blog Wearing It Today, and the woman whose career I'm pursuing and following.

She has impeccable style and I must say I enjoy reading and keeping up with her blog (Wearing It Today) where she shares her inspirations and shows pieces from her killer wardrobe thrown together to create looks that complete her captivating style. She is fabulous, talented, successful, glamorous and has a witty little charm to her that I absolutely adore. Each morning I wake up and find myself wondering what she is wearing for the's a bit of a problem I must admit.
Today's outfit?   Love. Love. Love.
Vintage black fur coat with distressed denim and sexy black pumps.
Very Carrie Bradshaw, post wedding breakup after dyeing her hair dark brown.
Favorite Coats: Day 3 The Statement Wower


  1. I REALLY hope that is a fake fur jacket. Disgusting.

  2. Krysta, thank you so much for this lovely post.. you are so kind and I am so pleased you enjoy WIT. I am sorry that the only comment is such a negative one.. I understand that fur is not for everyone and completely respect that. If it's any consolation both fur items I am wearing are vintage. xx