Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kyle Anderson Replaces Taylor Tomasi Hill as Marie Claires Accessories Director

Yes, it's true! Taylor Tomasi Hill has moved on as the Style and Accessories Director at Marie Claire Magazine to Artistic Director of Moda Operandi, an online source for exclusive pre-orders directly from the runway. This is a very huge loss for Marie Claire but a great, significant gain for Moda Operandi and their team as Taylor is a fashion influencer and artistic innovator within the industry. She is absolutely brilliant!

As I look back at my time at Marie Claire I'm so fortunate to have been able to work with such amazing people. Of these, I must say that Taylor Tomasi Hill was the most influential. Everyday, she would come into the office ready for work, looking fabulous and would fuel the lust I had for the fashion industry. Her kind spirit and hard work was a true inspiration and through thick or thin, madness or slowness she always had a smile on her face. She was a genius and trendsetter when it came to styling editorials, pulling together mood boards and finding the most intricate, unique accessories- case in point: The jeweled collar she is wearing in the picture above. It's incredible. Where she found it? It has always been a mystery to me but she was constantly finding ways to showcase these rare pieces and created a need for them in the fashion world. She created art out of lavish jewels and accessories and caused readers everywhere to covet and lust after it all.  Her talent is unquestionable. I remember the way she would danced around the office- you could see and feel the inspiration flowing through her. She was such a crucial part of Marie Claire Magazine and I'm not sure Marie Claire will ever be the same. This is just my opinion so what does it even matter, right?

So, who is the lucky lad that will fill the giant hole that is left since the loss of Taylor Tomasi? The one and only, Kyle Anderson. I know what you're thinking....Who? Well, it wasn't until recently that I found out I had been following him on Twitter for quite some time (@KyleEditor). Kyle is the former Senior Accessories Editor for Elle Magazine and he is taking a giant leap, joining the Marie Claire Fashion team. He seems excited and confident he can fill Taylor Tomasi's shoes as he shouts it to the world via Twitter. Although I am saddened by the news of Taylor leaving, I am truly happy for Kyle and can't wait to see what he brings to Marie Claire's Accessories Department. Change can be a wonderful thing...Congrats Kyle!!  The world is waiting.
Left to Right: Kyle Anderson, Taylor Tomasi Hill. 
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  1. You're so lucky to have worked with Taylor. She seems like such an inspirational fashion personality and I'm sure you've learned a lot from her!