Sunday, March 6, 2011

Closet Diaries: A day in Chelsea

Wen't to Chelsea and visited MILK studios...a favorite for top magazines, especially Marie Claire. We use MILK studio every cover-shoot. This is also the place where America's Next Top Model shoot their episodes. 
The weather was beautiful...the sun was out and the overrated winter coat was not needed so I took full advantage of it. Wearing a Poncho I snagged at a cute little boutique on 8th Avenue, American Apparel leggings, Michael Kors belt, Steve Madden over the knee leather boots, and my favorite Michael Kors Hamilton tote. Of course my favorite accessory of it all, Grande Skinny Hazelnut Soy cafe misto....I would die without my Starbucks. It's an addiction that I've come to accept, mainly because I love it so much. I was lazy and threw sunglasses on and my hair up in a bun.
On our way to the Chelsea Market, we passes this Posh Pets Rescue Animal Adoption place that had the cutest little babies ever!!! I fell in love with this cute little gray kitty who had a pretty pink flower around her neck. She was precious.
I think the Universe is trying to tell me to get a pet because after almost adopting a kitten, we passed a pet store who literally had doggies in the window!! I not only fell in love with a kitten, I fell in love with puppies too, it was torture and I came home empty handed...
I was obsessed with this puppy. So playful, so happy, so full of life... it killed me to leave her.

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