Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lady Gaga of Fashion Week

Anna Dello Russo
The Editor-in-Chief of Japanese Vogue, the Lady Gaga of Fashion week and one of the most coveted fashionistas in all of fashion land. She's fierce and fearless, a dynamic duo that never ceases to fail. With her lively character and quick whit when it comes to outlandish outfits and off the wall accessories-think cherries and watermelons- this talented Editor really knows how to make a lasting impression.
While I was hanging out at Lincoln Center today, during New York fashion week, I saw Anna walking in to attend the Michael Kors show. She was fashionably late as well as very fashionable looking gorgeous-as always- in a black and gold military inspired number (far left photo) with a headband that puts the cherry on the cake...literally. Last season she repped cherries and watermelon during fashion week, good to see she's keeping the tradition alive. Only Anna Dello Russo could make gold cherries look sexy...if I look as good as she does when I'm 47 I will be the happiest woman on earth. LOVE her..and her body? Amazing...hello legs!

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