Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love & New York City

You know that undeniable tingling sensation you get at the pit of your stomach; that overwhelming feeling only something or someone you love can give you? 
It's inevitable: the feeling you get while nervously waiting for that one guy-the only person that can take your breath away- to pull up into the driveway to pick you up for your very first official date. It pounds so deep that nothing can take it away, it doesn't want to stop! Not even after racing out of the front door, pulling open the passenger door, jumping into his seat and looking him into the eyes. Your pulse is increasing, ohh it's torture (but in that good way)! One simple 'hi' can melt your heart and now your dead frozen in the seat. You're a mess because that feeling hasn't stopped, oh no,  it's now pounding even harder; so hard you feel as though, at any moment, you are going to hurl all over the dash board.  You're heart is so happy it's screaming at you to do something. Anything! But you can't. You're filled with so many emotions; anxiety, happiness, nausea, and that god awful feeling-almost like an insinct-you get that makes you want to pounce off your seat into his lap and start kissing him-reguardless of the fact that doing this would put you both in great danger-with no intention of stopping.
Ahhh, the fond memories of young love. Hung up on idea of being close with someone, thinking everything is so perfect. You're in your own little world filled with bright twinkly lights and hearts floating above your head like a misletoe at Chirstmass.  Love is dangerous, it causes us to do so many irrational and crazy things that you swore you would never do. When love has caught ahold of your heart you're in for a crazy ride. A ride you will never forget.
This is what happens when I'm bored. My mind wanders.
That tingling sensation has caught ahold of me. My pulse is increasing and my heart is kicking me in the stomach. Tomorrow morning I'm flying to New York City for a few days and, although my heart is screaming at me with pure joy, my head doesn't seem to want to believe that it's happening. You may think I'm a little crazy but ever since I feel in love with New York, at the age of 15-after spending a whole day walking on clouds all around the city with my mom-I've been admirring it from afar.
The internet, the weekly New York Magazine that comes to my mail box (courtesy of my Aunt), and the occassional morning when I have time to sit down and read the New York Times-front to back, story by story, word for word- is the only connection I have with New York. So, yes, you may think I'm crazy but after five years, I'm finally going back to New York City and those few days, I will be in heaven.

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