Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Comic-Inspired Makeup

Photos of Monrad and Andren (Via: tushmagazine, designscene.net)

I can't think of anyone-besides Lady Gaga, of course-who would wake up in the morning and think, "Oh, I think I'm want to paint bright letters on my face and stick plastic dolls in my hair." 
Maybe on Halloween, when people get crazy with the face paint, but other than that, unless it's a themed party, a school project, or in this case a photo shoot, I don't see bright face paint and plastic dolls on a daily basis.
These photos are obviously for editorial purposes, but all things aside, I think it's a very clever way to engage the viewers. The similarities between the comic-inspired makeup and Roy Lichtenstein's (a prominent American pop artist) paintings are undeniable, in fact, it makes the photos so much more interesting. It's as if Roy Lichtenstein himself was the inspiration behind it. Fashion mixed with Pop Art? It's brilliant!


  1. Love these photographs! :D
    and yeah.. definitely remind me of Lady Gaga

  2. Esto es genial!!!!Es arte en la piel!!!

    (This is great!!!This is art in the skin!!!)