Saturday, August 14, 2010

Chic Chicago

The next time you're in Chicago you have to make a visit to the Chicago History Museum's Chic Chicago Exhibit. It's absoultely phenomenal! Vintage designers and Couture gowns from the early 1800's, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Vionnet, Cristobal Balenciaga and designers you only dream about showcase their very first, original and historic gowns. Oprah Winfrey donated a dress she wore on a boat party in Chicago to the Chic Chicago exhibit. Photography was not allowed in the exhibit BUT I found these postcards with almost every gown/dress on it so I took pictures of a couple of my favorites. Check out site for more information!
^^^my favorite! 1952 Charles James evening gown
^^^1921 Callot Soeurs gown from france
^^^1938 Vionnet gown..GORGEOUS
^^^Lanvin couture 1927
the one next to it- yes the one that's cut off, sorry!-
is an 1878 dinner dress by Emile Pingat
I also wanted to bring to your attention the worst dressed woman in Chicago.

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  1. Oh my, it's true she's not really well-dressed. I'll post shoes that were really fun on m blog, check it ;)