Thursday, January 14, 2010

10 Best Things About Working in Fashion

I thought I'd share what I learned, and thought was so fun, today in my Human Resource class. The 10 best things about working in Fashion. Enjoy!

1. Shopping, shopping, and more SHOPPING! Who wouldn't love to e getting paid to shop all the time, at the best stores, all over NYC, the country, and the world? Not to meantion, when you get done using all the shopping goodies, they often end up in your closet. <3>

2. Living in NYC! Arguably THE BEST city in the world, and fashion's playground. Living here is a unique and inspiring experience. no matter how exhausting of a week you've had, the pulse of this amazing city will keep you going. Incredible place to live and breathe.

3. Getting to express your passion for fashion. No matter what department or category of business you work in, if you work in the fashion industry you will live, eat, sleep, and basically breathe fashion.

4. It just sounds cool! A random little perk to working int he business is the enjoyment you get whenever someone asks you what you do for a living. Whether you are a pattern maker, graphic designer, buyer, designer, visual, or whatever, saying that you work in fashion is just plain cool. I noticed that others around you are concious of what they wear and will go to you for advice!

5. Seeing people wearing your product is always a thrill. It will often catch you off guard, like the person in from o fyou in the grocery store, wearing a jacket you produced, or a cute little miniskirt you designed a year ago and forgot about. Even when you spot someone wearing a dress from the store you own, or manage. It's a boost to the self esteem :)

6. Getting to travel the world on the company's dime! Who wouldnt love that? Whether it's shop trips to Europe or factory trips to Asia, fashion offers once in a lifetime travel experiences.

7. Money, yes we said money. We often complain about being underpaid but, it is possible to make a decent living in the fashion industry. While you will most likely never get rich, you are getting paid to do what you love, and compared to the alternative (working in retail or fashion media) the pay can be very rewarding.

8. Working in a profession that values and caters your innate creativity is a rare treat. While the fashion industry is certainly a business, creativity is rewarded, and in a successful workplace it is fostered.

9. We are all affecting the consumer market. No matter how large or small your company, we all have a national if not global impact on the economy. In some way, what you are working on today will impact the manufacturing and retail marketplace tomorrow.

10. The people. Over the years we have all worked with many cowaorkers who share out passions and have also had the privilege to learn from many talented industry veterans (divas and crazy beotches aside). Not to mention, the entertainment value in meeting models and celebrities alike, it's all the people who make this industry what it is, and that includes all of you!

xoxo <3>

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