Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grande SFH Soy Xhot-F Latte

Every morning on my way to work I stop my Starbucks and get my favorite drink. It's my one guilty pleasure/habit  that I can't seem to break-not that I want to. It's a Grande sugar-free Hazelnut, Soy, Extra hot, No-foam Latte. It's taken me a while to perfect this drink but I think I finally got it! P.s. This is one of the few times they've spelt my name right. I get Crista, Crysta, Chrysta, Christa, even Christah but never Krysta...I don't know why, I've stopped caring awhile ago.
I usually arrive to work early so I sit in the Cafe area of Hearst and prepare and center myself for the day ahead of me. I love going to work, absolutely LOVE it but relaxing when you can is key because the days are beyond crazy! 

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